How To Choose Packaging Colours For Branding


Brand packaging comprises various elements including packaging material, shape, size and texture. Apart from these, colours also play a very important role. Some brands take colours very seriously, and the result is a positive impact on branding. But others might just ignore them and hence might not be able to connect with their audience at an emotional level. Coloured packaging can bring the vibrance and freshness to any brand. Colours also ensure to offer customers an enjoyable unboxing experience. Just by using coloured mailing bags, you can make a big difference to your branding efforts.

Colour psychology is a big topic to discuss. The colours can communicate so many things about a brand. Colours and design of the packaging and mailing bags need some time and thinking if you want good results.

What Colours Communicate to Customers?

Red: Red is the colour of passion and enthusiasm. It depicts warmth and is associated with strength. You will notice it is used mostly for lifestyle brands and the entertainment industry. Disney is one popular brand which is using red in their branding. Netflix is another one, along with McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Lego.

Red, yellow, green, blue and grey mailing bags are numerous colours available that can add some vibrancy to your brand packaging.


Yellow: Yellow colour depicts cheerfulness and is associated with emotions. It is mostly used with other colours. This colour brings vibrancy to the design. You can notice this colour in McDonald’s. Even IMDb uses this hue.

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Blue: The next colour popular among brands is blue. It brings in the calmness of the sky and the serenity of the sea. It depicts trust and hence many companies utilise it in their branding. It also reflects efficiency and intelligence. IBM uses it and Facebook and Vimeo too utilise blue colour in their branding.

Black: This colour is not as popular among brands but it is used in sync with other hues. Black depicts elegance and is mostly used by premium brands.

Green: Green is the colour of nature. It soothes the mind, body and soul. It brings harmony and balance to any packaging design. Green is the favourite of many brands such as Starbucks and Subway. Even Spotify and Xbox use this colour, along with Lacoste.

Which Colour Palette is Ideal for You?

Green and Brown

If you want to portray your brand as environmentally friendly, go with the green and brown colour palette. It is best for the brands selling organic products, such as food products and cosmetic companies. This colour palette for your brand packaging will make your customers learn about your concern for Mother Nature.

Blue for Trust Building

Blue is the colour ideal for brands that wish to showcase themselves as professionals and trustworthy. Packaging with blue design elements will instantly make your customers relate to your brand’s efficiency and commitment.

Red and Yellow

You can go with the red and yellow colour palette if you are a brand catering to the younger generation. These colours can bring cheerfulness to your brand packaging. Warm and vibrant hues will reflect that your brand is targeted to the people who are enthusiastic towards life.

Colours According To Your Target Audience

When finalising colours for your brand, you will have to keep in mind the age and gender of your target audience. According to recent research, men mostly get attracted to blue. So brands catering to men can choose this colour. Other colour options for a masculine brand can be black and green.

If you are a brand catering to women, then purple, pink and red are feminine friendly hues. Coloured mailing bags are an affordable way to add some vibrancy to your brand packaging. You can choose the colours as per your target audience.

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