How to optimize a Facebook page

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Knowing how to optimize a Facebook page is the most important thing if you want to make your brand known in the right way. Buy real facebook likes and followers from SmmStore and optimize your page effectively.

Even though it is less used today than in the past, Facebook is the social network par excellence.

It is, in fact, one of the first social platforms in history and currently has a very high number of users, around three billion.

The social network, which entered our lives in a short time, has undergone changes over time.

Previously, Facebook could only be used from computers and didn’t allow you to do much other than post text statuses and photos.

As time went by, the app for smartphones and tablets was developed and new functions were added.

Let’s talk about stories, videos, Messenger, reactions, groups and group chats.

Thanks to its continuous renewals, the social network has attracted more and more users, who have understood its potential in the advertising field.

With the advent of pages, more and more people have started to create pages dedicated to their brands, so as to advertise them.

Nowadays, every brand has its own Facebook page. But how can you reach new customers?

Let’s find out together how to optimize your business Facebook page and reach new audiences.

How to optimize a Facebook page: where to start

As mentioned, a well-structured Facebook page with attention to the smallest details will help you reach an increasingly wider audience.

Before seeing what the main steps of Facebook page optimization are, it is necessary to pay attention to some parameters.

To do this check, you can use either the smartphone app or the desktop version of the platform.

First, you will need to connect to your profile and access the Facebook page linked to it.

Subsequently, tap on the gear icon at the top right, and then enter “Page settings”.

In this section, you will be able to check if the page name and URL are correct. These errors could make it difficult for you to be found.

Next, set your tag preferences as well. In fact, you can decide who can tag you and who can’t.

Finally, select the category of your page, so that it is easily cataloged by the Facebook algorithm and found more easily by those who search for you.

Start with the images

When you open a new Facebook page, the most fun thing to do is select your profile and cover image.

The moment we choose the image for our personal Facebook profile, we pose and take a nice photo. But for business pages it’s a little different.

In this case, we recommend setting your brand logo as the cover image. This will make identification much easier.

Publishing the new page photo is very simple, you just have to:

  • open Facebook and log in;
  • tap on your profile picture at the bottom right;
  • select the name of the page you find elsewhere;
  • tap on the camera-shaped symbol, located under the profile picture;
  • tap on “Select profile picture”;
  • At this point, select your brand logo directly from the gallery.

Once you’ve set the new profile picture for your page, you absolutely need to move on to the cover picture.

We recommend using a photo that matches your profile photo, both in style and colors.

Regarding dimensions, your photo must be 830 x 312 pixels.

If you don’t have a suitable cover image for your brand page, we suggest using one of the many graphics sites on Google.

There are also many apps that allow you to quickly and easily create graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

Enter your links

To make your page easy to find with a search engine, links absolutely cannot be missing.

These can be placed in the biography section or in the “useful links” section. To add them, you will need to go to the “Edit public details” section.

Inside this, you can enter additional information, such as your company’s email address and telephone number.

We suggest you include your website link. If you don’t have it, enter the brand’s Instagram or Twitter profile link.

This way, those who find you on Facebook will also be able to follow you on other social networks.

Write an effective biography

The biography is present on all social networks: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and also Facebook.

Along with your profile picture, your bio is the first thing anyone who visits your page sees.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to create a biography capable of stimulating the reader’s curiosity, without boring him.

Let’s first see how a biography fits in;

  • log in to Facebook;
  • go to your personal area by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom right;
  • tap on “Biography”;
  • Tap on “Edit bio”.

Users who neglect the bio section have major problems with their Facebook page.

This is used by social media as a source of information about your business. This is crucial for optimization.

For your page, Facebook provides 101 characters to present your brand in a concise way.

Since there is so little space, it is essential to pay close attention and choose the right terms to entice potential customers to follow you.

Optimize Facebook page: how to continue

The cover and profile images, the biography and useful links are the first steps that must be taken when talking about optimization.

This does not mean, however, that they are the only ones.

There are two other things that can make your page a real success.

Read on to find out what they are!

Enter your business address

Whether you have a company or a shop, entering the address of your office can be really helpful.

The address is very useful for pages of hairdressers, beauticians, restaurants, bars and so on: this way, the new user knows where to go to find you.

Like the other procedures, the one for changing the address is really simple.

Go again to the “Edit public details” section and here you will be able to indicate not only the precise location of your business, but also the opening hours.

The information section allows you to use the maps to mark the precise place where you are with the pointer.

Take advantage of automatic responses

So far we have seen what the main steps are that will lead you to have a well-optimized page.

Now let’s move on to automatic responses: these are not for optimization, but will help you manage your project better.

As you surely know, Facebook and Messenger are two apps connected to each other, as Messenger is Facebook’s messaging app.

It is precisely on Messenger that your customers can contact you to ask for information.

However, if your page receives too many requests, it may be problematic to handle them. This is why automatic replies exist.

Thanks to this convenient function, you will be able to send replies automatically to all those who contact you.

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