Apple is planning to create more jobs with a larger Make-in-India effort.

Apple is planning to create more jobs with a larger Make-in-India effort.

By the end of FY24, Apple is predicted to have added over 120,000 new positions in India, according to hiring companies. Of of these, 40,000 will be manufacturing-related direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs. Retail will add fewer new employment than other industries.
Apple is focusing more and more on India, both for sales and for the development of new products.

At least 300,000 more employment are expected to be created in FY26, of which 200,000 will be indirect jobs and 35,000 will be direct positions.
According to Bloomberg this week, Apple is reorganising its executive team to turn India into a stand-alone sales area. This occurs at a time when Apple’s India revenue and shipment growth are both at historic levels. According to a January 23 article from ET, Apple also made history by being the first business in India to export smartphones worth $1 billion (8,100 crore) in a single month. The majority of the nation’s over 10,000 crore in smartphone exports for that month came from Apple.

The American IT behemoth, according to RP Yadav, may seek to hire mid- to senior-level executives. Given Apple’s organisational style, however, a sizable portion of its retail personnel may be young tech grads whom the company will train in advance of the Mumbai flagship store launch, which is anticipated to take place later this year.

These employees’ profiles will be distinct from those currently on the market. For instance, TeamLease’s Narayan stated that Apple’s hiring will lean towards iOS professionals and application expertise, a profile that might not be easily accessible at the moment’s large-format digital retail stores.

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