Steps To Take for a Successful Watch Appraisal


When you are an owner of a luxury watch, it becomes very important to get it appraised. You will need it if you want to part ways with your timepiece to make some money. You will also require a watch appraisal online if you are planning to buy an insurance cover. There are several steps that can be taken for a successful watch valuation.

How a watch valuer will examine your watch?

A watch valuer will examine your luxury watch very carefully to reach its true market value. They will look at certain parameters before arriving at a conclusion. After appraising your watch, they will give you a certified appraisal document. Read on to know all the parameters.

Materials Used & Jewel Count

A jewelry appraiser will check the quality of materials that have been used for manufacturing it. They will also check the jewel count as it is a major factor when assessing the price of a watch. This count is the number of jewels used as bearings in the luxury timepiece. The jewel count is normally 19 and above in high end watches. Watches with 15 to 17 jewels are called fully jeweled while timepieces with 15 or lower jewel count are graded as low quality watches.

Apart from the exterior material, the material used to design the engine is also considered. A mechanical watch is valued higher than a digital watch. A quality mechanical watch with a tick means it has a good engine that will work seamlessly at depths and heights.

Reputation of Your Watch’s Brand

The reputation of your timepiece’s brand is also crucial in determining its true worth. Brand names like Rolex and Patek Philippe fetch higher value. The high end brands are known for the best mechanics. An appraiser checks the manufacturer by inspecting the timepiece’s interior or back. There can be a different manufacturer for the clock movement so that too will be checked.

Is your watch a rare piece?

How rare is your timepiece? A rare watch fetches more value. A watch model with only 100 pieces will be considered precious over a watch with thousands of models available in the market. The watch valuer will research and find out all the details about the model. The model’s history will be useful and will provide vital information about the watch.

What makes your watch valuable?

An appraisal company such as Prestige Valuations will find out the unique qualities of your coveted watch. Some state of the art technological features. Any specific manufacturing year or a low serial number. The complexities of your timepiece will also impact its value in a big way. Such complexities may include perpetual calendars, minute repeaters or functions of power reserve.

Good Working Condition

A good condition of your watch implies not only the outer appearance but also how well it is operating. Its engine should be in proper working condition. An experienced watchmaker can check it by lubricating the engine and pressure testing it. The appraiser will analyze the outer condition by checking the face, band and other parts. Any scratches, spots, cracks and tarnishing of material will impact the value. In such a case, it is recommended to get it cleaned and repaired.

Proof of authenticity

Fake watches are also available in the market, so it is important to ensure that your piece is not a counterfeit product. An appraiser will check the crispness and accuracy of the brand name. You must have a receipt and official brand certification as proof of authenticity. An appraisal company will check if any original parts have been replaced by lower quality parts. In that case, the value of your timepiece will go down.

Reasons why to get your luxury watch appraised

There are several reasons why you need to get your coveted watch appraised by an expert. A few of the most important ones are mentioned below:

  • When you want to buy an insurance policy, you will have to get your watch appraised so that its true replacement value can be determined.
  • For estate management, so that you can pass on your coveted Rolex along with other valuable items to the right heirs.
  • When you want to sell your precious piece, you will need to know its fair market value so that you can sell it at the best price.

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