The Use Of Cardboard Boxes In Gardening


Gardening is a hobby which gives a lot of peace. Spending time with nature, surrounded by greenery not just gives immense peace, but also comes with a lot of health benefits which help us in the long run. Trees are an integral part of our life. However, we human beings took a lot of time to understand this. There are a few sections of people in our society who belong to different clans and tribes who respect and worship Mother Nature in so many ways. It is when we realised the consequences of our actions towards the ecosystem, we started becoming conscious towards our environment. It is our greed to lead a luxurious and materialistic life, which has landed us in the trouble of losing our environment. Therefore, to prevent the environment from further depletion, people are switching towards a sustainable life. One such step which people are taking to switch to a sustainable life is choosing eco-friendly packaging materials, such as cardboard storage boxes which not just protect our environment but also help us in carrying out different day to day activities and this also includes gardening.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the uses and benefits of cardboard boxes in gardening. Choosing the right kind of packaging material is highly crucial in this era of global boiling. It should not be just eco-friendly, rather it should be strong enough to protect the items from all potential damage and customisable enough for brand promotion. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right kind of packaging to get all the benefits. These days, this kind of packaging is easily available in your nearby stores or you can order them from different websites. Packaging Midlands is one of the online cardboard suppliers where you will get not just different types of cardboard boxes but other packaging materials which are strong and eco-friendly and available at an affordable rate.

Let us now have a look at some of the uses and benefits of cardboard boxes in gardening.

For suppressing weed and soil improvement

A cardboard box acts as an excellent weed suppressor and soil enhancer. When you place the flattened cardboard sheets on the ground, they act as a barrier which prevents the sunlight from reaching the weeds underneath, thus preventing their further growth. At the same time, these cardboard sheets start to break down and help in adding organic elements to the soil. As the cardboard sheets decompose, they enrich the soil with different essential nutrients and promote a healthy environment for plant growth.

The technique of sheet mulching

This process involves layering different sheets of cardboard with different organic materials, such as straw, leaves and compost. This method also helps in controlling weed and at the same time helps in soil enrichment and moisture retention. As already mentioned the sheet of cardboard acts as a barrier in the growth of the weed, whereas the organic materials placed on the top of it break down over time and improve the structure and fertility of the soil. You can use this technique to prepare garden beds for planting and to offer a sustainable solution to synthetic weed barriers.

Construction of compost bin

Cardboard storage boxes are repurposed for creating affordable and cost-effective compost bins. For that you need to cut and assemble cardboard pieces to create a compost bin which can provide a contained space for decomposing the organic waste. Cardboard has a porous nature which further allows for proper aeration and this also helps in facilitating the process of composting. It is a DIY process which not only recycles cardboard but also helps in promoting a sustainable way of disposing kitchen and garden waste, thereby, reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

It is because of this and other useful contributions mentioned above, cardboard boxes are in high demand and available every year at an affordable rate. If you do not want to spend a single penny on getting these cardboard boxes, then visit your nearby retail store where you can get these materials for free.

Summing up

These are some of the uses and benefits of using cardboard boxes for gardening. These are however not the only ones. There are some other advantages which you can get from cardboard boxes, if you use them for the purpose of gardening. There are many cardboard box suppliers in the market who can provide you with these boxes for different sustainable purposes.

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