Top 3 Best Garage Doors To Install In Your House


Garage doors are a distinct feature of any house that mostly goes ignored because the idea is, who’s going to visit your garage anyway? That’s where the misconception is. A garage is a significant part of the house where you must invest wisely in the door. 

There are a large variety of garage doors that you can choose from. The most common types of garage doors are roll-ups, tilt-up canopies, slide-to the side, and roll-up. In this blog, we are going to rate these doors from best to worst, so get ready to choose the garage door of your dreams with a good reason why! After reading this blog, you’ll know which door you want your garage door installation service to put in your home.

  1. Slide to The Side Door

Our number one choice is to slide to the side! Just as the name suggests, this door slides to the side of the garage and sits parallel to the wall. This is not a very common garage door, but we have chosen it as a top choice as this door offers maximum security and spaciousness to your garage.

This door is quite simple, as it slides towards the wall and does not require you to move any items around for the door to open entirely. The easy-to-slide mechanism allows even children and adults to easily slide it to the side and take out their car. This mechanism is simple for daily use, as a sliding door takes effort, and waiting for the door to open while pressing a button is extremely time-consuming.

These kinds of doors are quite flexible by nature, as they can accommodate any structural design. For example, they can be slid towards the floor or the ceiling, allowing you to save up extra space in the garage. The mechanism is quite simple, as they do not require any balancing springs, allowing built-in retractable motors to automate the operating system of the door. Moreover, this type of door is not dependent on any technology or electricity, making it increasingly comfortable to be used on a day to day basis.

  1. Side Hinged Door

A side-hinged door is the most common kind of door that can be seen anywhere! Be it entrance doors, house gates, bedroom doors, or garage doors, side-hinged doors are easy to use and easy to install in the house.


A side-hinged garage door offers maximum ease; however, it also requires more space to open as compared to a side to the slide door. Side-hinged doors are pretty easy to find and can be purchased from any local vendors in your area. Since they’re the most commonly used doors, it is also extremely easy to find them anywhere. This makes the process of garage door installation easy, allowing you to find a new door as soon as possible and get it working for daily use.

  1. Roll Up Door 

The most common kind of garage door to exist is the one and only: Roll-up door! This type of door is not only found in garages but also everywhere else. In places such as shops, local vendors have roll-up doors installed for maximum protection and security, and many big buildings, such as hospitals and malls, also have these types of doors installed. 

The reason we have listed these as the least recommended doors is due to the heavy mechanisms that they involve. This door needs to be pulled up, which is often a time-consuming and taxing job. It requires you to take a good three to five minutes to pull up the door before leaving for any place. 

Moreover, if roll-up doors catch rust, they have a high chance of becoming immovable. Though it is quite easy to find these doors anywhere, it is highly recommended to think twice before buying them. All modern infrastructure must be encouraged so your day-to-day trips out of the garage can be managed easily and with increased efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

Given that garage doors are frequently used multiple times per day, they must improve efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is advisable to select a door that is both functional and minimises the amount of hassle that it causes. Choose wisely, go for the best garage door services, based on the reviews from your area and install something that is long-lasting and what you are satisfied with. 

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