Types Of Goth


Gothic fashion is diverse and gives you a lot of options to dress the way you want and get a spooky appearance. Known for its gloomy, melancholic and uncanny nature, one thing which people tend to ignore is that it gives a powerful and dramatic expression to the men and women across the world, especially to the women. Rejecting the patriarchal norms associated with the dressing sense of men and women, in this subculture you will find outfits that are gender neutral. Women’s gothic clothing specially makes a woman look more powerful and bold. Instead of depicting a delicate, fragile and feeble, it shows the stronger and powerful side of the woman. Speaking about the history of gothic fashion, it has its origin in mediaeval Europe. The subculture has taken its inspiration from art, architecture and literature of mediaeval Europe. Although Victorian and Romantic goth styles are immensely popular, it is with the emergence of the punk rock bands in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s who with their melancholic music, dark background and gothic outfits and aesthetics, gave a new path to goth fashion.

Gothic fashion has seen a lot of evolution over the decades and in the contemporary era gothic fashion is way more simple and minimal as compared to the previous eras. Even the gothic blouse or the skirt which you see today gives a spooky and eerie vibe, however in design it is simple and minimal. Keeping the modern vibe alive, the gothic outfits, accessories and makeup are although minimal, however, they have not lost their elegance and sophistication for which they are known. So whether you try a women’s gothic jacket or a gothic dress, you are going to get a bold, dramatic and expressive appearance from it.

If you want to get a traditional gothic vibe for yourself, you can try different outfits from the past eras and to make your look more dramatic, you can use gothic accessories like a gothic cape and alike. In the infographic below explore different types of goth to get more ideas.

Women’s Gothic Clothing

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