4 Key Reasons Why Credit Cards Are Important For Your Financial Health

Credit Cards Are Important

Credit cards have long been viewed with scepticism, often considered a financial trap that leads to overspending and debt accumulation. However, the perception is evolving as more people recognise the benefits of responsible credit card usage. With the rise in digital transactions, lifetime-free credit cards offer convenience, rewards, and financial security. In this article, we will understand the four key reasons why credit cards are important for your financial health along with how credit card EMI works. Let’s get started!

4 reasons why credit cards are good for your financial health 

Here are four key reasons why credit cards are important for your financial health.

  1. Building a Higher Credit Score: A credit card is a stepping stone to establishing a robust credit history, especially for young adults. Consistent, timely payments demonstrate financial responsibility and reliability to lenders, gradually improving credit scores. With a higher credit score, individuals gain access to better loan terms, including lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits, enhancing their overall financial well-being.
  2. Emergency Fund Transfer: In times of financial strain or unexpected expenses, a credit card provides immediate liquidity, offering a lifeline to bridge temporary cash shortfalls. Whether it’s covering urgent medical bills or repairing a car, the card’s flexibility allows individuals to address emergencies without disrupting their savings or facing undue financial stress.
  3. Rewarding Shopping Experience: Lifetime-free credit cards offer more than just a payment method—they provide an array of perks and rewards for every purchase. From cashback incentives to airline miles and hotel discounts, credit card users can maximise their spending by earning rewards on everyday purchases. Additionally, converting purchases into affordable EMIs enables individuals to make significant purchases without straining their budget, further enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  4. Secure Payment Automation: Credit cards offer convenience and peace of mind with features like autopay and enhanced security measures. Automating bill payments ensures timely settlement of recurring expenses, eliminating the risk of missed deadlines and late fees. Moreover, advanced security features such as EMV chip technology and zero liability protection safeguard cardholders against fraudulent transactions, offering security and confidence when purchasing online or at POS terminals.

How does credit card EMI work?

Credit card EMI offers cardholders a convenient way to manage their finances by allowing them to convert high-value purchases into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works:

  1. Choose the card: Begin by selecting the item you wish to buy using your credit card for payment.
  2. Opt for EMI: During checkout, choose the EMI option available for your purchase.
  3. Select tenure: Next, you will need to choose the repayment tenure for your EMI plan. Tenures generally range from 3 to 24 months, depending on the terms the bank or financial institution offers.
  4. Confirm the plan: Confirm the EMI plan once you have selected the repayment tenure. The purchase amount will then be divided into equal monthly instalments, including applicable interest charges.
  5. Repay: Finally, repay the EMI amount and your regular monthly credit card bill until the entire purchase amount is fully paid off.


While credit cards offer numerous benefits, responsible usage is key to avoiding debt and maintaining financial stability. It’s essential to keep expenditures within a manageable limit and pay bills in full and on time to avoid high-interest charges and negative impacts on credit scores.

Credit cards are valuable financial tools that provide convenience, rewards, and security when used wisely. By understanding how credit card EMI works and choosing a lifetime-free credit card, individuals can leverage these benefits to enhance their financial discipline and planning. 

Partnering with trusted banks ensures access to the best credit card options tailored to individual needs, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term financial health.

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