How to Check an AirTag Battery Life And Replace its Battery

how to check airtag battery

Undoubtedly, Apple’s Airtags is a wonderful device for tracking small belongings that can fit in small spaces and give you the precise location of your belongings like backpacks, keys, or whatever. 

Equipped with a CR2032  battery, Airtags are design to give a longer battery backup of up to one year, so, you shouldn’t need to worry about it for a year. 

Still, you need to check on your AIrtags, and battery life to avoid any inconvenience. You may lose your connection with your belongings and their exact location.

It is better to be update with your Airtag’s battery life.

 This write-up will guide you on how to check airtag battery and all that you need to know.

How to Check Airtag Battery

It is pretty easy to check your Airtags, battery life using Apple’s Find My app

However, a battery percentage meter is not display on your phone, still, you will find a low battery alert on your device, if the battery drains out.

Air Tags are design to notify the owners of iPhones with a warning when airtag battery life

 needs to be replace. Here is how

  • Open your iPhone and Launch the “Find Mny”  app on your iPhone, or iPad.
  • Pick the “items‘ to view all your Airtag,
  • Choose the specific AirTags to display its details including an alert when the battery is drained.

If your Airtag’s battery is low, instructions are also given to replace the battery by clicking replace the battery. Giving an Airtag battery alert doesn’t mean, it requires changing the battery immediately, rather you still have some days to change the Airtag’s battery.

Moreover, the exact percentage of remaining batteries is not reveal by Apple, rather an estimated battery status has been disclosed in the Apple’e Find My app and is good enough to suggest to you when it requires battery replacement.

How to Replace Airtag’s Battery

You can replace the battery by performing a few simple steps. Before you proceed to replace the battery, make sure you have detached your Airtag with the accessory it is attached to. Proceed with steps

  • First of all, hold your Airtag with its stainless Steel Battery cover facing  towards you
  • Rotate it anti-clockwise by pressing down the cover.
  • Release your fingers, and the battery cover will now pop up.
  • Pull the cover to remove the battery and then put a new one with the positive side of the battery facing towards you. 
  • After the battery is place correctly, reattach the cover by lining up the three tabs on the cover and pressing it down slowly with a little pressure.
  • Once done, the Airtag will now play a song to indicate the connectivity with a new battery.
  • Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops.

You have successfully replaced Airtag’s Battery.  Still, you don’t have to keep a close eye on air tag battery life, as your iPhone will indicate when it starts to get downed, and you can swipe it out.

On draining the battery life of your Airtags, your iPhone receives an “Airtag Battery is low”  notification which will let you know which specific Airtgas has this issue if you own multiple.

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