3 Best International Shipping Companies In Nyc

best international shipping companies in nyc

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, the demand for reliable international shipping services is ever-present. From businesses requiring efficient freight forwarding solutions to individuals needing personal items shipped overseas, the selection of a competent shipping company is crucial. This article highlights three of the best international shipping company in NYC, each excelling in various aspects of the trade.

1. Freight Forwarding Solutions

Freight Forwarding Solutions stands out for its comprehensive approach to international logistics. Specializing in both air and sea freight, this company offers tailored services that cater to the unique needs of each client. What sets Freight Forwarding Solutions apart is their commitment to technology-driven logistics planning, ensuring efficient and cost-effective shipment routes. Their expertise in customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution makes them a go-to choice for businesses looking for a seamless end-to-end shipping experience.

Their customer service is exceptional, with a dedicated team ready to provide support and updates throughout the shipping process. Whether it’s a small parcel or a full container load, Freight Forwarding Solutions demonstrates a remarkable ability to handle shipments of any size with precision and care.

2. MO Trucking

MO Trucking specializes in ground transportation but shines brightly in the international shipping sector through its extensive network of partners across the globe. This enables MO Trucking to offer competitive rates for international shipments, making it a preferred choice for budget-conscious clients without compromising on service quality.

Their expertise in logistics and supply chain management allows them to offer customizable solutions, whether it’s for small businesses or large corporations. MO Trucking’s strength lies in its adaptability, offering everything from standard shipping to expedited services to meet tight deadlines. Their customer-centric approach ensures that each client receives personalized attention, making the international shipping process as stress-free as possible.

3. International Sea & Air Shipping

As the name suggests, International Sea & Air Shipping is a veteran in the industry, offering comprehensive international moving and shipping services. They excel in handling personal and commercial shipments with a level of professionalism and care that is unmatched. Their international relocation services are particularly noteworthy, providing families and businesses with the support needed to move abroad smoothly.

International Sea & Air Shipping’s expertise in navigating the complexities of international shipping regulations ensures that clients’ shipments comply with all legal requirements, avoiding unnecessary delays or expenses. Their global network facilitates efficient and reliable transportation of goods to virtually any destination worldwide.

Their personalized service includes detailed planning and consultation to ensure that every aspect of the shipping process is covered, from packing and pickup to delivery and unpacking at the destination.


When it comes to international shipping from NYC, choosing the right company is pivotal. Freight Forwarding Solutions, MO Trucking, and International Sea & Air Shipping each offer unique strengths, from technology-driven logistics and extensive global networks to specialized relocation services. Whether you’re a business in need of efficient freight forwarding or an individual planning an international moving, these companies provide reliable, high-quality services that cater to a wide range of shipping needs.

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