Busting Basic Myths of Hair Transplant


A hair transplant is a very complex procedure for the common folk. Still, the Dr. VJs Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Clinic in Vizag, which has been working with an experienced team of dermatologists, is working towards simplifying the procedure for the common folk. Very common for seedling transplantation when seeds in their sprouted form are transported to another land and allowed to nourish naturally. Hair transplantation also is a very similar process. Hair transplantation includes taking hair from the parts of the body where hair is thicker and transplanting the follicles to a place where the growth is comparatively sparse or minimal.

Here we are presenting to you the top hair transplant misconceptions that people have about hair transplant:

  1. A hair transplant is a costly procedure – A hair transplant is a procedure that is customized as per the physical requirements of a person. Hence the cost and the procedure depends on several factors. It depends on the city of residence and the cost of living in that particular city. For example, the cost of a hair transplant in Hyderabad will be higher than that of a hair transplant in India. Dr. VJs Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Clinic in Vizag is working towards eradicating and treating the root cause of hair loss to let the new follicles nourish to the fullest. Our pricing is nominal compared to our competitors in the market as we avoid unnecessary testing, time taking procedures etc.
  2. Hair transplant can cause infections – Hair transplant is a complex and meticulous procedure requiring an expert’s supervision to oversee the entire process. Dr. VJs Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Clinic in Vizag maintains optimum hygiene standards per the designed protocols to allow cross-transfer or contamination. Our medical equipment and chambers are sanitized regularly for our customer’s benefit.
  3. Hair transplant leads to loss of anemia – The post-procedure of hair transplant requires attention, and a keen eye for detail as the newly transported follicles are still in a nascent stage and need proper care and nourishment to take shape and grow into long follicles. Hair clinic in Vizag provides a customized diet plan and the required supplements from authentic sources to help follicles flourish faster than expected on an individual’s scalp.
  4. Hair transplant is a painful procedure – A hair transplant is not painful, but without hair, we can assure you life can be a little more painful. Our dermatologists will instill the appropriate dosage of anesthesia so that you will not face any pain while the procedure is taking place.

Hair is an important aspect of well-being and an indicator of one’s inner health. The first sign of ageing is hair getting grey, but even if the grey hair is thick and strong, it indicates that the individual’s bodily functioning is proper. Thus keeping your hair in good shape is important because we have been given a body by nature, and how we maintain our body is expressing our gratitude towards Mother Nature.

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