Can I sponsor dependents with a Dubai Golden Visa?

Dubai golden visa
The Dubai Golden Visa is an initiative by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attract foreign talents and investors to the country. It offers long-term residency – 5 or 10 years – to individuals in certain categories. A common query among potential applicants is whether they can sponsor their dependents under this visa scheme. This article explores the eligibility, process, and implications of sponsoring dependents with a Dubai Golden Visa.

Understanding the Dubai Golden Visa


The Golden Visa in Dubai is part of the UAE’s strategy to diversify its economy and attract skilled professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. It offers extended residency compared to traditional visas and various other benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Dubai Golden Visa extends to investors, entrepreneurs, special talents, and certain professionals. The criteria vary depending on the category, with specifics regarding investment amounts, entrepreneurial experience, or professional qualifications.

Sponsoring Dependents

Who Counts as a Dependent?

Dependents typically include the spouse of the visa holder, children under a certain age, and sometimes, parents. The definition can vary, and it’s essential to check the latest guidelines.

Eligibility for Sponsoring Dependents

Holders of a Golden Visa generally have the privilege to sponsor their dependents. However, this may depend on specific conditions such as the visa holder’s income level, the nature of their residency (investor vs. professional), and other factors.

Process and Documentation

Sponsoring dependents involves a procedure that includes submitting various documents, such as marriage certificates for spouses, birth certificates for children, and proof of income or financial stability.

Financial Requirements

Proof of Sustenance

Visa holders must demonstrate the financial capability to support their dependents. This can include bank statements, income certificates, or other financial documents.

Cost Implications

Sponsoring dependents also involves certain costs, such as application fees, processing fees, and sometimes a refundable deposit. These costs can vary.

Legal Considerations

Duration of Dependent Visas

The duration of visas for dependents typically aligns with that of the primary visa holder. However, there may be exceptions or specific conditions.

Rights and Restrictions

Dependents on a Golden Visa have certain rights, such as access to education and healthcare. However, they may face restrictions, such as limitations on employment or owning property.

Living in Dubai with Dependents

Education and Healthcare

Dubai offers a high standard of education and healthcare. However, access to these services and their costs can be a consideration for those moving with families.

Housing and Cost of Living

Understanding the housing market and cost of living in Dubai is crucial for families. This includes rental prices, living expenses, and lifestyle costs.

Case Studies and Experiences

Success Stories

Illustrative examples of families who have successfully moved to Dubai on a Golden Visa can provide insights into the process and life in Dubai.

Challenges and Solutions

Discussing common challenges faced by families, such as adjusting to a new culture or managing expenses, and how they navigated these issues can be enlightening.

Future of the Dubai Golden Visa

Policy Changes

The UAE government periodically reviews its visa policies. Any potential changes that could affect the ability to sponsor dependents are critical for applicants to monitor.

Long-term Implications

Understanding the long-term implications, both positive and potential challenges, of holding a Golden Visa and sponsoring dependents in Dubai is important for making informed decisions.


The Dubai Golden Visa presents an attractive opportunity for individuals looking to relocate to the UAE with their families. While the process of sponsoring dependents is straightforward, it requires careful consideration of financial, legal, and lifestyle factors. Staying informed about policy changes and planning for the long-term are key to a successful experience.  

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