Discovering Affordable, High-Quality Addiction Treatment Options in Arizona


About 20 million individuals in the United States struggle with substance abuse disorder. While that has resulted in nearly thousands of rehab centers springing up, trying to meet the demand for treatment programs and facilities, statistics show that only about half of that number sought professional treatment or recovery assistance. If you’re in the same boat and looking for treatment programs, here’s what you need to know to find low-cost, quality treatment for your addiction problems.

Start with Services Offered

When you look for an Arizona drug rehab, start with the services they offer. Do you require residential or outpatient care? That will help you filter through your options faster. If the doctor in charge of your case has recommended you for residential treatment, you’ll have fewer options. That’s because not all rehab facilities are equipped with the team and resources to provide residential treatment.

Understand the Fees

What are the charges? What is included in the cost? When they charge you for treatment, what can you expect? Will they provide aftercare support? Are meals and accommodations included in the quote? What services aren’t covered? Ask and research, so you can determine if the treatment facility is a wise choice. The best rehabs are often transparent with their costs, though. If that isn’t the case, find a different program.

Consider the Treatment

Rehab facilities have different treatment methods. Some use a holistic approach. Others focus only on helping you manage the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Some aim at helping patients achieve long-term sobriety. Choose a program that offers treatments that align with your treatment goals. For instance, does the rehab facility encourage the participation of loved ones in counseling? Some facilities often keep loved ones away, isolating patients. While that may work in some cases, familial support can boost the pace of their recovery for patients with a strong supportive network. That’s how you find a rehab program that provides value for your money.

Look Beyond the Trappings

Luxurious accommodations don’t often mean excellent service. Rehabs that charge more don’t always offer the best treatment program. Don’t fall for luxurious appearances. Always check the reputation and services of the facility. What do patients say? Go through the reviews and feedback. That can give you a better sense of the team running the facility, if they use a holistic approach, what the culture or atmosphere inside is like, and more. By being more discerning about your options, you can find a program where you can thrive.

Skip Over the Cheapest

Cheap options aren’t bad. However, don’t automatically choose the cheapest option for treatment programs. Do your homework and check if the facility is reliable. Why is the cost so low? Are they cutting corners? Anything too good to be true probably is. Be wary about putting your trust in facilities that don’t have an established background or haven’t been in the field for long. They may not have the resources or experience to provide much-needed assistance. Look for reasonably priced programs instead. They may not be the cheapest, but they may offer less expensive options that deliver better value for your money.

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