Exploring the Different Types of Dark Circles

Exploring the Different Types of Dark Circles
Exploring the Different Types of Dark Circles

Haven’t we all experienced that one time when we forget to put on some concealer or just roll out of bed without any under-eye make-up and your friends ask you if you are doing alright and keeping well? If yes, then continue reading and Exploring the Different Types of Dark Circles.

However, with our modern-day living habits, an increasing number of individuals are looking for Dark circle Treatment in Dubai regardless of age or gender. Anyhow, today, we are going to give you the whole picture of how they are formed, the different types of dark circles and the various solutions to solve this problem.

What types of dark circles exist?

The eye contour, which has the thinnest skin on our body and ages the fastest, is greatly impacted by dark rings. Since the eyes are a reflection of our personalities and dark circles give the appearance a darker appearance, it is not unexpected that dark circles are among the primary causes of aesthetic discomfort.

These traces in the face can disappear with a healthy lifestyle and a good rest, but we also have several treatment options performed by oculoplastic ophthalmologists specialized in the delicate area around the eyes.

Types of dark circles

In choosing the most appropriate treatment for each patient, according to the experts at Enfield Royal Clinic, it is essential to distinguish what type of dark circles we are dealing with:

Pigmented dark circles

Brown or black pigmentation appears in dark rings. This disorder, which is medically referred to as idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring, is brought on by the skin of the eyelids producing an excessive amount of melanin for either inherited or acquired causes.

Vascular dark circles

Vascular dark circles are those that are blue, pink or purple. Its origin is a weak micro-circulation of the eye contour that causes thinning and laxity of the skin. Moreover, these dark circles are more evident in people with fine and fair skin.

Indented dark circles

Structured and characterized by a groove that extends from the tear duct to the cheek area, indented dark circles can have a range of colors. Sunken eyes, or under-eye contour depression, are caused by a decrease in cheek fat as a result of gravity and aging. This is followed by a loss of intraorbital volume. 

Additionally, select a qualified team to guarantee treatment safety and provide the greatest aesthetic outcome for your dark circles.


If dark circles are one of your deep concerns, you may consult with a dermatologist who might recommend Laser therapy. Through this therapy, heat is focused on the targeted area to lighten the dark pigment under the eye. These treatments are considered safe and help to rejuvenate skin tissues.

Why do Candidates have dark circles or bags under their eyes?

  • Lack of sleep – not getting enough sleep plays a major in our overall health. The signs can be seen on the skin through darkness, puffiness, or bags under the eyes.

  • Lifestyle – Could your lifestyle be causing dark circles and bags under the eyes? Alcohol consumption, smoking, processed foods and sugar play a part in how our skin looks.

  • Stress – Last but not least, there is the stress factor. Chronic stress can be the cause behind your dark circles!

Are there any Benefits of the treatment?

Yes, there are a lot of benefits of the treatment, some of which are as follows:

  • Skin appearance is enhanced.
  • Confidence is boosted.
  • Skin is rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Reduction in Pigmentation Treatment In Dubai.
  • Puffiness is minimized.
  • Long-term results.
  • Cost-effective.

What are the side effects?

As we all know with every procedure there are a few risks and so is with this treatment. However, the candidates must not worry as these effects are minimal and will subside within a few days.

  • Swelling.
  • Redness.
  • Puffiness.
  • Minimal pain.

Choose the best clinic to get rid of dark circles!

Take care of your under-eyes cause only pandas look cute with dark circles! The problems associated with our eyes throw light on our holistic health. Incorporating an eye cream once a day before moisturising or applying serum and after toning will reap positive results. 

However, you must remember dark circles are not only an external concern that can be solved with creams and gels but also internally linked to our health so remember to look after your body as well! For many, they are not a major medical concern and treatments for dark circles depend on the underlying cause.

Reach out!

After Exploring the Different Types of Dark Circles, meet the best dermatologist and get the treatment right away to attain the amazing and effective results that you have been appealing for a long time.

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