Fencing Solutions: Garden Fence Ideas That Are Sure to Make Your Fence Stand Out


Fences offer a perfect solution to privacy while at the same time adding a nice flair to the overall look of the house. Outdoor decorations don’t offer quite as much variety as indoor ones do but if you have a fence that looks as good as it protects, then you’re already halfway done with the embellishments.


Let’s take a look at some robust fencing solutions that are sure to make your garden (and house, for that matter) stand out!

Natural Plant Fence

Why invest in metalwork or costly fences when you can use fences made from plants? Makes sense right? Especially if you’re on a budget. Use bamboo plants or wood based fences to set up your perimeter and watch your garden get equipped with a natural glow unlike any other. 

Gabion Fence

We promise this isn’t the name of a character straight out of a video game. Gabion fences offer a fresh new take on fences by using metal wire cages filled with natural, sustainable resources such as rocks, stone or logs of wood. You can mix up your options for a unique look as well.


These fences need an expert hand to get them set up. Lacking on this part can make your fence look shoddy. Briscoe Fencing Solutions offers a brilliant fleet of professionals who can take care of the setup for you and let you enjoy a Gabion fence that looks just as good as it functions. 

Trellis Fencing

You can’t go wrong with an interwoven lattice design in a fence. Provided it doesn’t add up too much to privacy but looks wise, it doesn’t get much better than this. A Trellis fence gives your garden a modernistic feel, perfect for wooing the guests and offering a view to look at when you’re hosting parties out on the lawn.

Picket Fencing

You’ve probably heard of this one before. A picket fence is a shorter fence that looks simple and functions well enough to keep animals and unwanted guests outside. At one point in time, it was Hollywood’s go-to fence for showcasing middle-class families. There’s just something about a white picket fence that adds to a home’s elegance. 

Mesh Panel Fencing

Mesh panels aren’t desired by everyone out there as they can resemble the boundary of a house to look like a jail but it all depends on the perspective. The fence is incredible durable to weather, is low maintenance and doesn’t allow any sort of vandalism. Plus, if you go for thicker mesh panels they may not look as vicious as the narrower ones.


This fence is tricky to install so make sure you have the help of a professional fence installation service. Not all fences are installed the same way and mesh panels demand the hand of a seasoned professional. Make sure you hire the right people!

Tire Fence

Big fan of sustainability? Then this one is perfect for you! Having a tire fence is not everyone’s cup of tea but with the right amount of imagination and creativity, you can make this look just as good. Even adds a little rustic character to the overall vibe of your garden. 

A good idea would be to get a bunch of tires and color them as you see fit. Then, stack them on top of each other and fill every other tire with a small plant. This way you’ll have a fence that looks totally green and aesthetic to the eye.

Final Words

That’s a wrap on all the fencing ideas we have for you. Remember to consider your options according to your budget and need. Each fence offers a distinct taste, so go over what would look good and offer an adequate amount of security for your home.

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