A Step-by-Step Guide to Making and Selling Lapel Pins Wholesale

Guide to Making and Selling Lapel Pins Wholesale
Lapel Pins Wholesale

The fashion industry has seen an explosion in enamel pin sales, and business owners can capitalize on this trend.

These small Promotional Lapel Pins Wholesale can be made with any design, quirky drawings, company logos, or anything else you might think of. They are incredibly customisable. People can personalize and adorn jean jackets, backpacks, hats, and other items by adding enamel pins, which serve as an extension of their personalities.

Creatives and pin manufacturers all around the world have begun creating profitable internet companies by turning their original drawings and concepts into enamel lapel pins wholesale. These businesses range from huge retailers like Urban Outfitters to graphic designers and fashion designers.

Everything from design to production and promotion is covered in this extensive guide on creating and selling enamel pins. Now is the perfect time to establish your own online accessories empire.


Why are enamel pins made?

Buying custom lapel pins in bulk is a common experience for many people. They are a simple-to-use fashion accessory that complements every outfit. Enamel pins are advertised and sold as miniature works of art because they are regarded as such. The majority of enamel pins range in price from $8 to $12, but they can go up to considerably higher. When developed and produced well, they can have extremely strong margins despite their cheap price point.

There have been souvenir pins for many years. You may probably find a variety of Branded lapel pins with logo in any gift shop or rest stop.Wearing pins is a popular way for people to promote their interests and express themselves today. Pins can be placed on hats, shirts, jeans, backpages, and other surfaces. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have made enamel pins a type of fashion statement by sporting them on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.


The enamel pin industry is a favorite among illustrators and painters for several reasons:

  • Pins go well with selling clothing and stickers.
  • High profit margins are associated with enamel pins.
  • They’re simple to produce and mail.
  • The creative mind knows no bounds.

Varieties of enamel pins

  • Hard enamel, 3D mold, soft enamel
  • Epoxy pins offset
  • Die arrived.
  • Delicate enamel

The most common type of enamel to use while making custom lapel pins wholesale is soft enamel, which is also preferred by novices. Richer, more vivid colors are typically available, and there are typically more color selections. You can personalize these enamel pins to your heart’s content by using enamel paint.

Soft enamel 

You can add extra tactile details to your design by using soft enamel, such as feel-able borders and edges. But soft enamel pins are also considerably more readily damaged and far less resilient than hard lapel pins in bulk. They might be simple to produce from a pin production standpoint, but their durability is a disadvantage.

One coat of paint is applied to the recessed portions of the pin’s surface to create a soft enamel pin. The pin has a stiff finish because of the slightly raised metal in between these recessed sections. The cost of making these enamel pins is frequently lower.

Hard enamel

Compared to soft enamel, hard enamel is far more robust and lasting, but it can also be more expensive and generally have more coloring limitations. Compared to soft Trending promo items like, hard enamel pins can seem duller and less vibrant.

3D mold

Metal pins manufactured with a 3D mold are also known as die-cast pins. These cheap promotional items are created by pouring molten metal into a mold of your choosing while it is under intense pressure. 3D mold pins are usually composed of pewter or zinc and have a more refined, traditional appearance.

Epoxy pins offset

An epoxy pin from a China Wholesale supplier  is a type of lapel pin with a clear plastic coating applied on soft enamel or offset-printed styles. It enhances luster and shields your designs from harm. Over time, epoxy coating can prevent offset printed graphics or silk screen paint from fading or scratching.


When done correctly, creating custom promotional items like an enamel pin business may be fulfilling and financially advantageous. Go ahead and pursue it even if you think there is some competition in your niche. Like any competitive market, your business will succeed if you concentrate on producing amazing products and promoting them to the appropriate customers.

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