How To Clean an Apartment After Renovation?

How To Clean an Apartment After Renovation

Cleaning after renovation is the finishing touch and the final push before returning to normal life. Some people trust specialized companies to clean their apartments after renovation, but what could be more enjoyable than putting the finishing touches on your updated home yourself?

We will tell you what tools and supplies are needed, how to carry out quick and thorough cleaning, as well as the main nuances and secrets of the lesson. A separate paragraph is devoted to each important issue.

Work plan for cleaning the apartment after renovation of the apartment

Planning your actions is an important step. If you have a clear plan, you will spend a minimum of time with maximum effect. For cleaning, it is advisable to set aside a day off and get one or two assistants.

The optimal cleaning algorithm is as follows:

  1. Collection and removal of garbage and unnecessary things. Leftover building materials need to be sorted into what to keep and what to throw away. The first must be put in a garage or storage room, the second must be collected in bags and thrown away. Garbage is sorted into large and small, and is also taken out in appropriate bags.
  2. Dust removal of surfaces. Where possible, use a vacuum cleaner, other areas should be wiped with a dry cloth. It is necessary to treat all surfaces in the rooms, including walls, ceilings, and windows. Maximum attention should be paid to corners, cracks behind baseboards, and grooves.
  3. Wet cleaning. It is worth starting from the ceiling and gradually changing the solution of products and rinsing water. For each type of surface, it is necessary to use specialized products.
  4. Removing stains and specific contaminants. At this point, as a rule, the most persistent stains remain, which require a special approach.

At this point, the main cleaning can be considered complete. Its success largely depends on how competently you prepare all your equipment.

What will you need for cleaning?

A list of necessary means and tools is compiled and adjusted depending on the degree of contamination of the home.

The standard set of specialists includes:

  1. Garbage bags: durable polypropylene for large garbage, and high-quality polyethylene for regular garbage.
  2. Powerful vacuum cleaner with water filter. If it is not there, then this will be a good reason to buy. It does an excellent job of removing dust and debris even in hard-to-reach places. Alternatively, you can rent a construction model.
  3. Set of detergents and cleaning products. The arsenal should include household cleaning products that need to be selected for the types of surfaces (tiles, parquet, plaster, painting, etc.). For stains from building materials, you will need specialized “chemistry”.
  4. Set of tools. This must include a brush with a dustpan, 2-3 buckets, a mop with an auto-spin, sponges, and microfiber cloths, gloves, wooden and plastic spatulas, and brushes.
  5. Ladder. Provides access to surfaces at height (ceilings, cornices, lamps, etc.).

As practice shows, such a set is quite enough to cope with even complex cleaning.

Rules for effective cleaning after construction workers

As we have already written, the key to success is planning and organization. How to quickly clean an apartment after renovation? The basic rule is that you need to move from top to bottom, as well as in one direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. This way, the likelihood of missing contamination is minimized.

Your main enemy is dust. It should only be cleaned dry to avoid streaks. Other important tips:

  • In order not to damage the materials, it is advisable to first test detergents and cleaning products on small, inconspicuous areas, and only then use them.
  • Windows need to be washed when the sun is not shining on them. This way you will avoid streaks and repeated washing.
  • The floors need to be washed, starting from the far corner and gradually moving towards the exit.
  • Don’t forget about care products, including protective impregnations. With their help, you will protect surfaces and extend their life.

Another popular question: how to remove the smell of renovation in an apartment? There are very specific recommendations here. To begin with, you can lay out wet towels and sheets throughout the rooms and leave them for several hours, then collect them and wash them. If this does not help, you need to scatter coarse salt, baking soda or roasted coffee in wide plates and leave it in the apartment for a day – these are excellent sorbents. In the most severe cases, charcoal or special odor and moisture absorbers help. The smell of the solvents themselves is removed with the help of candles. And, of course, ventilation.

How to properly remove stains and specific contaminants after repairs?

Drops of paint and varnish can be removed with solvent or alcohol. Dried building materials (cement, glue, foam) are removed with an abrasive sponge. Remains of tape and glue are also removed with white spirit. And if greasy stains are found on the floor, then turpentine and alcohol will help get rid of them. Copper sulfate is used to combat rust.

To better understand how to proceed in your situation, consult with builders. They will tell you how to deal with specific contaminants with the greatest efficiency. By the way, the question of who should clean the apartment after renovation is quite interesting. It depends on how you negotiate with the builders. When you order apartment renovation in Jersey City NJ, this additional service can be ordered separately.

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