How to Design Custom Packaging & Make Your Business Stand Out


What is Custom Packaging 

Ever wondered what custom packaging is? Well, it’s a unique twist on the usual packaging that online businesses use to wow their customers right from the get-go. Think of it as a brand’s personality shining through the box, with tailor-made sizes, hues, labels, and even special messages. A lot of times, the way a brand packs its products shows what the brand stands for. For instance, a company that cares about Mother Earth might choose packaging materials that are kind to the environment. And it’s not just about looks or values, custom packaging can be a real lifesaver when standard options don’t provide enough protection for the goods during transit. So, sometimes it’s not just a want, but a need!

Think About the Product First When You’re Designing Your Packaging! 

The most important thing is that the packaging should do its job – it should keep the product inside safe and sound. So, start by looking at what kind of products your business sells. Then, pick the kind of box that works best for those products. You really don’t want a situation where a customer opens their package to find damaged or missing items. That’s a quick way to lose money on refunds, and it can really hurt your brand’s image too. So, why not take a moment to check out our guide? It’ll help you pick packaging that’s not just good at protecting your products, but also looks great. After all, who doesn’t love opening a package that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside?

Build Better Product Protection

Let’s talk about how you can step up your product protection game. Custom packaging is like a superhero cape for your products. It’s designed just for you, keeping in mind what your product needs and what your brand stands for. When your package is on its journey to the customer, custom packaging is there to keep it safe. Companies like The Packaging Boxes offers custom inserts that add an extra layer of protection. These inserts are like a cozy nest for your products inside the box. They make sure your products stay put no matter how solid the boxes or cartons you use for shipping are.

Make your brand stand out

Now, let’s move on to making your brand pop. Custom packaging can be a powerful tool in your branding and marketing arsenal. Keep up with the latest logo design trends and go for full-color or eye-catching packaging. Your brand name and logo on the packaging will stick in people’s minds more than regular retail packaging.


Your packaging is a canvas to paint your brand’s personality. If your brand is all about elegance, let it show in your packaging. Use custom labels, tapes, subtle colors, stickers, and box designs that scream ‘delicate’. On the other hand, if your brand is more rugged, go for corrugated boxes with bold colors and designs. Make a statement that lasts.

Not good at designing? No worries! You can hire design contractors to create your logos and designs. Platforms like Twine, Fiverr, and Upwork are full of talented designers who can work within your budget or talk to TPB experts. Just make sure your design files are high-quality and in vector format for the best printing results.

Keep Your Customers at the Heart of Your Design 

Once you’ve picked out the perfect business packaging boxes, it’s time to let your creativity flow in the design process. But remember, your design should resonate with the people who love your products and services. Your packaging needs to catch the eye of not just your customers, but also those around them. So, do your homework. Understand your audience, their preferences, and what they don’t like. Then, craft a packaging design that they’ll find attractive and in line with their tastes.


Consistency is Key in Branding 

Branding is your ticket to standing out and being remembered. So, when you’re designing your custom packaging, make sure it reflects your brand’s theme and values. Stick to your brand’s fonts, logos, and colors. Your design should be a mirror image of your brand’s aesthetics and principles. For instance, if you’re selling reusable metal straws and your brand stands for sustainability, your packaging should echo the same sentiment. Opt for designs that are minimalistic and sustainable, just like your product. Use your packaging design as a canvas to narrate your brand’s story and offer a unique unboxing experience.

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