Is Studying in Malta Better Option for Indian Students?

Study in Malta

Malta is a European country widely popular as a visitor place. Mostly known for its vibrant culture, beautiful climate and quality education. Thus, the number of students who want to study abroad has increased in the past few years. But, from the list of several countries for study, why is Malta a better option? Many reasons make study in Malta a good choice. In the past few years, Malta has become a popular place for catholic students. It is famous because of its academic study and multiple number of programs.

In brief, if you are thinking about an abroad degree then choosing Malta is the best move. Also, Malta offers high living standards and world-class studies. On top of this, it has a low cost of living compared to other European countries. Hence, it is a perfect study destination. Further, let’s discuss some more reasons to choose to studying in Malta over other foreign countries.

Advantages of Studying in Malta

Malta is an excellent place to live, work and study. Additionally, Malta is an English-speaking country. Hence, it removes language barriers. The place is perfect for those who want to study and enjoy nature at the same time. Moreover, top colleges offer a variety of courses. Some areas of study are business, finance, etc. Also, some common pros of studying in Malta are:

High Quality Education

Malta offers top study materials and tutors. The quality of studies makes it popular for students abroad, especially for Indian scholars. Also, the colleges of Malta are licensed by several nations. Hence, the certifications are valued all around the world. Malta is a part of the EU and follows the Bologna process. Moreover, it follows a three-cycle higher education system. This process ensures all universities deliver top-quality education.

  • First Cycle: This is a UG cycle. In this there is bachelor’s degree of three years, no matter the course.
  • Second Cycle: This is a PG cycle. The duration of the master’s program is two years. The course starts after every two years.
  • Third Cycle: This is a Ph.D cycle. The doctoral degree is of 4

Healthy Environment

Malta is a safe living place. The crime rate in Malta is low. Thus, it is known as the safest country for women and students. Also, there are free healthcare services for non-EU students who are studying in Malta. Talking about the culture, it follows the cultures of Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Thus, it makes a multi-cultural environment. It has one of the most peaceful nature and fantastic weather.

Low Living Cost

Study in Malta for Indian students is comparatively cheaper. It is more affordable than in other English-speaking countries. The government of Malta give free public conveyance to international students. Also, there is an allowance for part-time jobs. It helps scholars to pay tuition fees. The main source of income on this island is tourism. In addition, there are countless number of job prospects for students.

There are several profits of studying in Malta. Also, Malta has beautiful places, medieval cities and landscapes. Some famous movies such as Gladiator and Game of Thrones filmed in Malta. Let’s, now discuss about process of taking admission.

Process of Taking Admission to Malta Universities

Malta does not have a central application portal. If you want to study in Malta you can apply to individual colleges. The admission process is much easier. After receiving the invitation letter from the Malta Institute, submit it to the local embassy. Then, you can apply for a visa. For that, you need to attach the required documents and pay tuition fees. After this process, you will receive a formal acceptance. Now, you can register for the course of your choice and start the semester. Continue reading, to know the complete process.


The admission criteria are not strict to get admission in Malta colleges. You need to follow the process required to gain admission to the selected course. Those who have a study background related to applied courses are eligible. In Malta universities, you can also apply for admission in two sessions. The general documents to get the invitation letter are:

  • Educational certificates
  • Form of application
  • All documents should be in English.

Documents Required 

Once you receive the invitation, you need to prepare all the documents. These are some important papers:

  • Academic mark sheets
  • Medical certificate approved by local public health service.
  • AIDS test Proof
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Updated Resume
  • All documents language should be in English
  • Proof of English skills

Visa Application

If the selected course is more than 90 days, you need to apply for a student visa. Firstly, you need to download the application. Then, fill out the form, attach the required documents and deliver them along with tuition fees. Also, you can contact the study abroad advisors for help. Further, submit visa applications to the visa embassy in Malta.

Essential documents to study in Malta for Indian students:

  • Filled Visa application form
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • A valid Passport
  • Pre-book travel plans
  • Proof of financial status
  • Visa application fees
  • Travel insurance proof
  • Invitation letter
  • Residential admittance


Now, you have become more familiar with Malta’s culture and the benefits of getting education in Malta. After reading the article you are now aware to choose Malta for higher education. Apart from this, some more reasons make study in Malta for Indian students a great choice. By taking guidance from experts, you can easily follow the first step towards your dream. is a well-known consultancy in India. They can help you to take the first step toward studying abroad.


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