Kamagra Gold: Tackling The Growing Concern of Impotence in Men

Kamagra gold

The inability to get the penis hard enough is called impotence. It’s not the politically appropriate term, though! Erectile dysfunction is the accepted formal term these days.

But the truth doesn’t care for formalities, and changing the name doesn’t make the inability to perform in bed go away! The problem will go away only if we address the root cause behind it and identify the right treatment method. Kamagra gold and Cenforce 100 are relevant options to explore in this context.

Let’s see how many men are afflicted by ED globally and what should be done to address this rising concern.

Data on the global rise in impotence

Although it’s virtually impossible to ascertain the exact global ED figures, there are specific estimates by reliable journals. Few men report their condition, and fewer still are aware of their impotence. Here are some figures on the rising impotence cases worldwide:

  • The International Journal of Impotence Research in 2000 estimated that 322 million men globally would be affected by impotence by 2025.
  • Of all the countries in the world, the US has the maximum number of impotence cases. In 2012, the number was pegged at 30 million by the Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension. It could be as high as 50 million.
  • The chance of impotence increases every decade of life. Men over 40 are the first to face this risk, and it becomes more common with age.

Causes and correlation of ED

There’s rarely a single cause behind the onset of impotence. The truth is, multiple factors combine together to create this complex issue. There are more obvious causes like age and smoking, and then there are some underlying causes like obesity and depression. Here are some causes and correlations that lead to ED:

1. Hypertension:

There’s a strong correlation between hypertension and impotence. 40% of men with ED have hypertension, while 35% of hypertensive men have ED.

2. Cardiovascular disease:

About 50% of men with a proven CAD (coronary artery disease) have ED. The penile cavernosal arteries, being small, can also get blocked, and you may need Kamagra gold to enhance penile blood flow.

3. Hyperlipidemia:

It means a higher concentration of lipids or fats in the blood. The presence of higher cholesterol and triglycerides blocks the penile arteries.

4. Undiagnosed diabetes:

Studies have found that men with undiagnosed diabetes are three times more likely to face erection issues compared to non-diabetic men.

5. Hypogonadism:

It’s when your body doesn’t produce enough hormones. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is essential to perform in bed. Depleted testosterone means a depleted sex drive.

6. Smoking:

A study found that men who quit smoking experienced a 25% improvement in erection after a year. Tobacco is a testosterone destroyer.

7. Depression:

This is a major underlying cause of ED. Men diagnosed with clinical depression find it difficult to maintain or even get an erection.

Tips to tackle impotence and premature ejaculation

Apart from the causes mentioned above, premature ejaculation also points toward impotence. These problems can be tackled with a few changes in lifestyle and prescription medicine. Here are the tips to cure impotence and deal with premature ejaculation:

1. Get a health checkup:

Before you beat yourself up on your inability to perform adequately, get a basic health checkup done. Track your blood pressure and get checked for diabetes or any CVD. Getting the correct diagnosis is essential before undergoing any ED treatment.

2. Physical exercise:

Lower body exercises like squats and burpees are better for getting the lower abdomen fired up. Such cardio workouts would raise your blood flow to the penis and get better erection. Exercise also elevates your sex drive and gives you the stamina to last longer.

3. Quit alcohol and smoking:

Alcohol and smoking have a deleterious impact on your hormone levels and sex drive. Smoking enhances the atherosclerosis of the penile cavernosal arteries and brings a premature onset of prolonged ED. While it’s easier said than done, a conscious effort to quit is sure to pay dividends.

4. Prescription medicine:

If you’re above 40 and the problem of erection maintenance persists for a long time, you’ll need the help of prescription medicine. PDE-5 ED therapy with Kamagra gold or Cenforce 100 can be really beneficial in this case.

Key Takeaway: How Kamagra Gold takes care of the impotence problem

Kamagra gold is a prescription medicine that falls under the PDE-5 category. The phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors group of medicines inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme that is present in the smooth muscle cells of our blood vessels.

The PDE-5 enzyme degrades the GMP molecule in blood vessels which, in effect, stops the blood flow to the penis. However, the PDE-5 inhibitor blocks the enzyme and ensures the GMP remains in the blood vessels, leading to dilation. When the penile blood vessels are dilated, the erection is prolonged, and your performance is better.

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