Proven by DNA: The Court-Ordered Paternity Test

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A lot of secrets of the Human body are hidden within our DNA. This information isn’t visible to the naked eye. Taking DNA studies can quickly answer the questions that you were curious about. This is because all the information that is needed for the overall or lifelong development of the Human body is present inside the DNA. This DNA is present from the start, and also it is present in almost any cell present in the human body. Hence, DNA can be used to solve many problems in court settings, like court-ordered paternity tests for legal issues of child support and inheritance claims.

 Moreover, the information that is derived from the DNA testing is very accurate, so it is a very reliable indicator in courtroom settings, but only if the test is performed at an authorized DNA Testing Lab. In this article, we’ll talk about court-ordered paternity tests and when can they be used.

Paternity test:

Before discussing a court-ordered paternity test, we must know what is the paternity test. A paternity test is a test where the DNA of the father and a child is compared, and their relationship is confirmed. We confirm if the alleged man is the biological father of a kid or not.

Court-Ordered Paternity test: DNA testing for paternity is one of the most reliable and accurate ways to confirm paternity. Other tests, like blood typing, etc., had inaccurate limitations. A court orders a paternity test in cases of child support. Imagine someone accused of being a father to their child so that they can claim child support. 

In such cases, the court will go for a paternity test where it would be clear if you are the birth father or not. Moreover, this test is also ordered by the court in case of inheritance claims. A legal dna test can only be performed at the labs accredited by the court and not just any lab or with the help of at-home DNA kits.

Legal DNA test as the Gold Standard test:

With the help of DNA testing, the problems of paternity are almost eradicated because this test provides 99.9% accuracy. With traditional methods, there are a lot of concerns about false results, and hence, they are not preferred now. Moreover, this test helps people escape false accusations and live stress-free lives.

Benefits of the test:

DNA tests can have a lot of benefits. Once the results are out and the alleged father is confirmed, he can gain his rights to child custody, visitation rights, etc. Moreover, if he were wrongly accused of being the father, then he would be free from child support, which can be very stressful if you are not the biological father.


A DNA paternity test is the gold standard test when it comes to legal paternity issues. This test is a lifesaver for people going through such problems. These tests can be easily performed at Face DNA labs. Other tests like the Legal Office Visit DNA Grandparent Test are also being conducted nationwide.

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