Reasons Fine Jewellery Has Embraced the Darker Side


The world of fine jewellery has taken a bold leap and has in the past few years embraced the darker side. Well, that’s a fact and we all know about it. But, have you ever wondered or given a thought as to why has this change happened? Why did the choice of the women’s gender change and how did these dark gemstones get a special place in the hearts of the masses? Here in this article, we will be decoding why did this sudden rise in the love for dark gemstone happen?

#1. Mysterious Beauty

Fine jewellery has always been associated with light, delicate detailing and brightness. Women loved to be adored with feminine colours which were believed to be pink, lilac, purple, etc. But today, things have changed drastically. The women in today’s world love power and boldness, this of course is represented by darker colours such as black, navy blue, etc. This is the reason why black diamond bracelets are so much loved and adored by the masses.

#2. Edgy Sophistication

Gone are the days when delicate and soft designs were preferred for fine jewellery. Darker colours, edgier vibes and jewellery made from unconventional materials is the latest trend. Individuality has taken over and therefore individual choices have also started reflecting. This is the reason why even the unconventional designs and patterns are also becoming very popular these days.

#3. Expressive Storytelling

Storytelling has forever been the part of every native culture and tradition. Designers therefore these days try to infuse designer rings with gemstone holding mythical importance so that the ethnicity of the gemstone is maintained and at the same time, the beauty and the charm of wearing the jewellery is also maintained. This is the reason why the black diamond rings are becoming so popular these days. Holding tradition and modernity together, these gemstone rings are something which deserve the love and affection of the masses.

#4. Cultural Diversity

The gemstones carry various meanings with them. Every gemstone has some or the other importance in every tradition. Therefore, wearing the gemstone embedded on certain metals also symbolises something in every culture. In order to celebrate the global heritage that the world has- the gemstones, designers from all over the world come together to design fine jewellery that not only resonates with the age-old tradition but also wins the heart of the current generation too.

#5. Eco-conscious Glamour

The jewellery and gemstone merchandisers have also in the recent years made sure that only ethically sourced jewellery is sold so that there is no substantial impact on the environment. There were various ways through which the gemstones were unethically sourced which made them costly and rare and where then tagged as precious gemstones. But lately, the world has come to realise the importance of sustainability and therefore these unethical practices have stopped to some extent. Gemstones made in labs are also available and that too at good prices. It is easier to get the dark gemstones sourced ethically therefore, the dark colours have maintained to remain the masses’ favourites.

#6. Embracing the Unconventional

Embracing the unconventional is the conventional norm these days. Jokes apart but, yes unconventionality is something which is appreciated by everyone these days. People like yester years do not like to follow the trend and go for things which is being worn by everyone. They therefore go for things which are least seen so that the jewellery becomes a rare item and gets appreciation from everyone.

Summing Up

The reasons are many which supports why the dark gemstones are trending these days. But the fact is that these dark gemstones are winning hearts of the individuals not only because of all other reasons but because of its bold and beautiful colour. The world is come to embrace every colour unlike the olden days when darker colours were associated with negativity.

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