The Benefits of Choosing NimbusPost for International Shipping

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Global shipping has become vital in today’s globalised economy, as businesses and consumers alike rely on goods and products that are manufactured, sourced, and distributed across multiple countries. With advances in technology, transportation infrastructure, and trade policies, international shipping has become more efficient and cost-effective, allowing companies to expand their markets and reach customers around the world.   


As a result, the shipping industry has grown significantly over the years, contributing to economic growth and job creation in many countries. However, with the growing demand for sustainability and environmental responsibility, the industry is also facing challenges to reduce its carbon footprint and adopt more eco-friendly practices to ensure a sustainable future.


Despite all the challenges, the global shipping industry is rising with the growth of e-commerce, improving infrastructure, increasing international trade and ease of doing business overseas. With this, several shipping and freight forwarding companies in India are playing a major role in facilitating the uninterrupted flow of goods and services across borders with cutting-edge technology and innovative shipping solutions.  


Whether you are new to the world of international shipping or an old player, this blog will help you understand the exclusive benefits of partnering with NimbusPost for all your international shipping needs, the premium features we offer and the customised experience that we bring to the global businesses by helping them overcome the major challenge. So, stay tuned until the very end! 


Major Challenges in Global Shipping Faced by Businesses

  • Regulations and Compliance


Global shipping requires adherence to a range of regulations and compliance requirements related to customs, security, environmental protection, and labour laws, among others. These regulations vary across different countries and regions, making compliance challenging.   


  1. Infrastructure and Technology


International shipping relies on complex infrastructure and technology, including ports, terminals, vessels, and communication systems. The quality and capacity of these components can vary greatly, making it difficult to ensure efficient and reliable transport of goods.


  1. Security


International shipments are vulnerable to security threats, including piracy, terrorism, and smuggling. Shipping companies must invest in robust security measures to protect their vessels and cargo.  


  1. Environmental Concerns


The global shipping industry is a prime contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and noise pollution. Shipping companies often fail to comply with environmental regulations and invest in sustainable technologies and practices. 


  1. Supply Chain Disruptions


 International shipping commonly gets disrupted by a range of factors, including extreme weather events, port congestion, and political instability. These disruptions can result in delays, increased costs, and lost revenue. Shipping companies must have robust risk management strategies in place to mitigate these risks.


Overall, international shipping is a complex and challenging industry that requires significant investments in infrastructure, technology, security, and sustainability, as well as compliance with a range of regulations and labour standards.


How NimbusPost Helps You in Overcoming Challenges in International Shipping?


NimbusPost leverages AI and machine learning to streamline global shipping and logistics operations for a wide range of e-commerce businesses on a global scale. Our extensive shipping network across 196+ countries and territories connects global businesses seamlessly and empowers small and medium-scale enterprises in India to establish their brand in the global marketplace. 


With NimbusPost, the entire shipping journey gets simplified and hassle-free with automated shipping solutions and step-by-step guidance. 


Benefits of Choosing NimbusPost For International  Shipping 


If you are planning to export overseas to expand your business base and increase your customer base, NimbusPost can help you with the end-to-end process of shipping, right from custom clearance to door-to-door cargo shipment. The other major benefits offered are:  

  • Economical Shipping Rates

With international shipping starting just at ₹215/50gm, we offer the most economical shipping rates at special offers with zero hidden charges. We understand that small-scale businesses often have limited budgets to run their business and that’s why most of them often hesitate to enter international markets. Therefore, we provide affordable shipping rates to sellers, e-tailers, exporters, importers and marketplaces.  

  • Express Delivery 


With NimbusPost, you get quick integration with 21+ leading courier partners who ensure the fastest delivery of shipments within the committed time frame to diverse international locations. Our advanced tracking services provide real-time updates about the live location of shipments and maintain proper coordination throughout the shipment process. 

  • Comprehensive Shipping Insurance

You need not worry about the safety and security of your shipments once you choose NimbusPost for handling your global shipments. Our shipping insurance policy covers every possible damage that could happen to your shipments in transit. Be it an extreme weather condition or mishandling of the shipment, we have got you covered. 

  • Unified Tracking interface 

We understand the anxiousness caused by delayed shipments and the state of panic felt by exporters in case of zero transparency in communication. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, NimbusPost brings a unified tracking system to your service to help you access the real-time updates of your shipment with just a tap on your device. Any delay in the shipment is easily communicated to the exporters within the proper time frame. 

  • Key Account Manager

We provide businesses with a key account manager who is entirely responsible for building and maintaining business relationships. They work to understand the customer’s business and shipping requirements and help ensure that your needs are met so that you don’t have to worry about anything.  


Summing Up


With the availability of so many courier services in India, likely, the process of filtering out the most suitable option for your business would become hectic and tiring. But it can be made easy by figuring out your long-term business goals, target audience, budget, country of interest, shipping requirements, and so on. 


Whichever option you pick for shipping abroad, make sure that your chosen shipping company can conform to your business needs and demands and provide you with a fair price structure with proper safety measures for ensuring the safe delivery of your consignments across international borders. With NimbusPost,  you get everything sorted out at reasonable rates. Sign up for free today and start scaling your shipping business!  


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