The Best Universities to Study in Malta: Course, Fee, Visa

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If you are a study abroad aspirant, you must have heard about the opportunities in Malta. It is a small nation in the land of Europe. However, it is home to endless career prospects and world-class institutes. But, why do students prefer to study in Malta? Indeed, it is one of the cheapest countries for international students to study. Many scholars fly to Malta for further education.

Besides, Indian students prefer Malta due to many points. Malta is one of the most beautiful countries in the entire Europe. Yet, why study in Malta when you can choose the UK, US, or Canada? Let us find out in our next section.

Why Indians Should Study in Malta?

Recently, the yearly report revealed that there was a hike in study abroad applicants in 2023. However, there has been a spike in visa rejection as well. Many countries are denying visas due to various reasons. Some are hesitant to take too many immigrants. Many of them have diplomatic reasons as well. It totally depends on the relationship they have with India on the whole. Malta has been a less popular name among scholars. However, there is a lot they don’t know about the country. Check out the list of reasons below to know why you should plan to study in Malta this year.

Affordable Living

Malta is a country where a single person can manage a month with 782 Euros (70,166 INR) in their pocket. This cost does not include the rent. However, you can also find one of the cheapest places to stay in Malta. The capital city of Malta, Valletta, gives you single-bedroom apartments for 700 Euros (62,808 INR).

Furthermore, if we compare it to countries like the US and the UK, it is very low. Besides, if you are going as a student then the university dorms are much cheaper than rentals. It reduces the cost of living in the country.

Low Tuition Fee

The educational institutes in Malta offer free education to its citizens. Moreover, the cost of studying there for international students is low too. The institutes charge the fee every semester from them. The average is 1080 Euros(96,905 INR) for every semester for courses other than STEM. For Science and Engineering courses, it is 1360 Euros (1,22,028 INR) for every semester.

Note:- These are only average costs. They may vary for every institute and course.

Furthermore, the colleges in Malta do not settle for low quality education. This maintenance of the standards is one of the reasons why study in Malta is a good option for several Indians.

Safe and Secure Nation

Security is vital in a nation you are new to. Indeed, it is tough for learners to settle in a different country. Thus, It is very important to have a safe and accepting environment. Malta is a nation with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It has been consistent in being so for the past 15 years. The United Nations Organization has declared Malta to be the second safest country.

Moreover, there are instances of crime in every land. On the whole, Malta is a safe country. the authorities of Malta suggest taking general precautions in crowded places.

Historically Rich and Diverse

Malta is a country with a rich heritage which reflects in its architecture. The tall, beautiful and detailed sculpting on buildings are the highlights. The Indian students can relate to these sites as citizens of an equally diverse nation. Besides, it is an island nation. Thus, it is home to many reefs, amusing aquatic life, and water activities.

Moreover, as a student, you are saving on your tuition fees and other expenses. You can choose these activities as entertainment.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should study in Malta for UG, PG, or even PhD degrees. Let us now explore which universities you can enroll in Malta and their average tuition fee.

Top Colleges in Malta and their Avg. Tuition Fee 2024

There are world class institutes in Malta with a great deal of courses. These courses can help you enhance your career prospects in Malta and your country. Take a look at the table below to know which colleges to enroll in Malta. 

University of Malta


8,550 EUR

(7,67,636 INR)

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology


5,500 EUR per year

(4,93,801 INR)

Zerah Business School


2,950 EUR per year


Ascencia Business School Malta


15,000 EUR

(13,46,730 INR)

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education


6,284 EUR

(5,64,190 INR)

American University of Malta


2,500 EUR

(2,24,455 INR)

Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta 1400 – 5125 EUR

(1,25,694 – 4,60,132 INR)


These are the top colleges in Malta with their average tuition fee. Now, let us talk about popular courses that you can study in Malta. These courses and their average tuition fee are in the section below.

Popular Courses to Study in Malta for Indian Students With Their Tuition Fee 2024

Many study programs in Malta have caught international scholars’ attention. The list of these courses in Malta with their average tuition fee is in the table below:





Engineering 1,080 EUR per semester

(96,938 INR)

Medicine 15,000 to 25,000 EUR per year

(13,46,370 – 22,43,950)

Tourism 3,694 – 11,084 EUR per year

(3,31,566 – 9,94,877 INR)

Management and IT 6,000 – 12,000 EUR per year

(5,38,548 – 10,77,096 INR)

Languages 50 EUR per hour

(4,487 INR)

Science and Technology 1,000 to 12,000 EUR per year

(89,758 – 10,77,096)


These are the most popular courses international students opt for in Malta. These courses help you understand why study in Malta is a great option. The next section will talk about how you can get a student visa for Malta.

How to Get Visa to Study in Malta?

As long as the scholars follow the correct procedure, getting a visa for Malta is pretty simple. There are two types of student visas in Malta:

  1. Schengen Type D Visa:

It is for more than three months of a course. You can get it for up to 12 months.


  1. Schengen Type C Visa:

Short term visa that allows you to live and study in Malta for three months.

Look at the pointer below to learn more about the visa procedure for Malta.

Visa Procedure

  • Firstly, check the visa requirements for Malta.
  • Secondly, fill out the application form on their official website.
  • Thirdly, arrange your visa interview with the embassy of Malta in India.
  • Lastly, keep track of the application.

Now, read the next section of the article to understand which documents you need to apply for a study visa in Malta.

Documents Required

  1. Application Form
  2. Academic Records
  3. Passport Photos
  4. Proof of Stay
  5. SOP
  6. LORs
  7. Government IDs
  8. Proof of Enough Funds
  9. Offer Letter From University

These were the generic details about visa applications for Malta.There are many more countries that are cheaper and better than the most popular ones. Check out the section below to know more.

H2: Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

There are some of the best countries for education which are cheap and student friendly. Many of them have a safe culture and have lenient visa rules. A few of them are in the list below:

  • Norway
  • Taiwan
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand


To sum up, there are many perks of studying in Malta. It is one of the most affordable nations for abroad aspirants. This article also mentioned other countries that give quality education. Moreover, some of the best countries for education are cheap but unknown. can help you get there and pursue your favorite courses. The counseling there also involves shortlisting programs for scholars that align with their interests. In addition, they also state the course’s career prospects and future scope. You can book a free session on their website, now!

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