The Significance of Media Translation Services in the Film Industry


The global film industry has grown enormously over the last decade. That is because of the availability of the media content in multiple languages. People from around the world appreciate diverse content and genres. That’s because every industry has a different creativity level, unique taste, and style, for example, Marvel and DC. 

Although the main production houses are situated in the USA, they are in huge demand around the world just because of the availability of translated versions of their comics and films. There are a lot of other examples available: such as Korean film and drama industry. The Korean film industry is a blend of top-notch creativity and diverse storytelling.

From film and TV productions to books and comics – converting materials into the native language of the target audiences. The role of translation services in the success of the global film industry is significant. So, if you want to adapt your images, documents, and video content to a global audience, you should know what film and media translations are and their importance.  

What are Media Translation services?

Media translation services encompass the conversion of your media content into multiple languages including text documents, images, and video files. It is different from the typical translation process. Here, you translate the content to build a connection with diverse audiences in their native language. It requires linguistic and culturally accurate translations. 

While going global, you need to push your limits. It includes understanding the tastes, trends, and preferences of the target market. Keep in mind, that every market is different from others and has distinct requirements. Therefore, it is clear, that you cannot reach every market with the same set of translations. You need to localize your content according to each region and target audience to get the desired outcome. 

Let’s take the example of Netflix or YouTube here. These are the two most popular platforms around the globe. Users from any region can access the content available with the dubbing and subtitles in their native language. This allows a wide range of audiences to discover more content from a variety of actors and directors. 

As you have come to know about the significance of translation services in the global film, let’s discuss what benefits they offer.  

Wider Global Reach

Translation surprisingly increases your viewership allowing you to offer your content to a wide range of audiences. For better understanding, let’s take the example of Money Heist. At first, the season was only available in Spanish. Well, it’s a purely Spanish production, the series depicts the language and culture of the Spanish people and helps them to connect with it easily. However, the global audience couldn’t develop an understanding of it in a foreign language. Therefore, when Netflix picked up the series, it was globally introduced with translation into multiple languages. As a result, the audience of the series significantly increased. Due to the easy accessibility and connectivity, more people were able to easily understand the series and enjoy the events without having to learn Spanish. So, it won’t be wrong to say that translation is the reason that Money Heist became one of the most-watched Netflix series worldwide.  

Encourage Viewers to Learn New Languages 

Watching films or series in a foreign language is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Well, translation is not merely the conversion of one language into another. It is the process of making the content adaptive to the target audience while preserving the contextual intricacies and real essence of it. Although the series is translated into multiple languages, you never forget about the real setting of it just because of the minor yet effective touch of the real language. 

Let’s try to understand. After watching the all seasons of Money Heist, you get to know some of the Spanish words like Gracias, Hola, Como Estas, and Vamos. It allows the viewers to learn the basic words of other languages such as how to greet and other basic questions. So, by providing the translation of your films and other media content, you are not only providing entertainment but a learning opportunity as well. 

Help Strengthen an Emotional Connection with Foreign Viewers

When it comes to films and movies, connectivity is crucial. Suppose, you are watching a movie that you heard about a lot. The movie starts and suddenly you realize that it is in some other language. And there are no subtitles or dubbing available. What would you do? Quit watching, right? 

On the other hand, you go to Netflix and start watching a movie. It is also available in some other languages but this time, you won’t quit because there are subtitles and dubbing versions available. Did you understand the difference translation can make? 

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Media and film translation services play a significant role in the global success of films and other media materials. In simple words, it adds meaning to the context for those who do not speak or understand the same language as you. Moreover, translation does not only bring opportunities for producers but also for the audience by allowing them to learn about new cultures and languages. 

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