Top 10 places to visit in Goa for couples


The season is indeed opportune for couples in love to celebrate their togetherness in all the best settings and locations. Goa is a well-known romantic destination that gives couples an extra sense of satisfaction. The month of Valentine’s Day is surely sparking up the love flame and for couples planning to travel to Goa, great luxury accommodations and stay options like the best hotels in North Goa near Beach add to the appeal factor.

But what are these places, and why are they making most couples desire to make a beeline ready for a sojourn to Goa? Let us find out all about them below in this blog.

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Best 10 Ranking Places to Visit for Couples While in Goa in 2024

1.  Dudhsagar Water Falls

There is something hopelessly romantic about waterfalls that couples can enjoy together. Perhaps it is the gentle rush or caress of water on one’s skin. Or the sheer delight of enjoying something together without fear of reprisals. Or better still, just soak in the water together and live in the moment together, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Whatever the reason, Dudhsagar falls on the Mandovi River and is located within Baghwan Mahavieer Wildlife Sanctuary within the western Ghats. This is a prime place for lovebirds to celebrate their togetherness without fear of reproach from anyone.

2. Aguada Fort: Lookout at the timeless scapes

Aguada Fort, just above Sinquerim Beach, is a magical spot and place for couples and lovers visiting Goa. With the scenic beauty below, its rich history, and the marvel of seeing great sights together, all history and life come alive around you. The Aguada Fort lighthouse has panoramic views of the endless Arabian Sea. If you love to explore Goa as a couple, Aguada Fort is a perfect place.

3. Chapora Fort: a timeless romantic spot

Chapora Fort is the best place to see and watch all the low-lying beauty and breathtaking views of Vagator Beach, Ozran Beach, and Morjim Beach. As a couple, you can also walk hand-in-hand along its crumbling walls to the sound of the waves. Watching the sun gracefully set over the vast Arabian Sea is a magical experience laced with romance and love.

There is something eternally romantic about historical forts, and these two will ignite the flames of love in Goa.

4. Beaches (Calangute, Vagator, Baga, Anjuna, Palolem, Morji)

Every beach in Goa, both in the north and south of Goa, has its own vibe and appeal and leaves couples excited beyond belief. The beaches are either covered in rich golden sands or clear white, with a beautiful backdrop of the Arabian Sea and lush greenery all over. What more can couples ask for while in Goa?

5. Fontainhas, Panaji Goa

Fontainhas is a UNESCO world heritage site found in Panjim, Goa. The unique Portuguese-influenced residential colony is also known as Goa’s Latin Quarter. For most couples visiting Goa, this is a top place to visit in North Goa. Fontainhas is best explored on foot while exploring every unique detail in the colourfully painted residential homes and other public landmarks. The vibrant architecture is apt for photographs and videos while strolling around the narrow lanes hand in hand. The best addition is the numerous roadside eateries, street cafés, and bakeries on the streets of Fontainhas, serving a multiplicity of delicacies and cuisines.

6. Flea Markets in Anjuna, Margao, Mapussa, Collective Bazaar, and Tibetan Market

Shopping on holiday as a couple in one of the most unconventional of places can be adventurous, especially when the prices and locations of these flea markets are accessible. These flea markets operate at the oddest hours but are also loaded with several products and services to choose from.

7. Charao Island

Charao Island is the best place to visit in Goa for couples, loaded with all the antiquated churches, colonial homes, and magnificent temples. The island is steeped in history, with lots of rich heritage. You can bask in the ever-evolving charm of Charao Island and then go for a boat ride through the lush green mangroves in the backwaters of the Mandovi River.

8. Grand Island

Several couples while in Goa want to see this scenic and lush green location for its high-quality scenery and comfort. You can walk around the islands as a couple, spend quality time together, and take special photos and videos for future reference.

9. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Birds are special creatures that teach us a lot. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary houses several rare species of birds for both couples and bird lovers to watch. Watch the serene birds, take a walk in the forest, look at the various plants and vegetation, and explore some vintage architecture nearby.

10. Mandovi River Cruise

Go and explore the Mandovi River by crusing on a boat or yacht. This place is where couples experience the best romantic moments while in Goa. The river cruise takes you through crystal-clear waters, accompanied by beautiful sunsets that change the sky’s horizons. You catch sight of beautiful things all along, going through lush mangroves, and you live to remember the Goa trip with an onboard, mouthwatering dinner.


Now that you are equipped with some of the best charismatic places to visit, you can make great memories with your beloved by visiting Goa as a couple. No doubt couples want both privacy or anonymity and the occasional thrill of stepping out hand-in-hand either on a beach, flea market, or other fascinating lover spots while in Goa. Swim Up is a classic, luxurious, and the best hotel in North Goa near Vagator Beach, that offers couples the best of both worlds while in Goa. You can enjoy the appeal of living safely, with privacy, ample amenities, and lots of high-end customer service.

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