Understanding New eBay Account Selling Limits: Everything You Need to Know

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Understanding new eBay account selling limits is crucial for new sellers on eBay to navigate the platform’s policies and maximise the potential for sale. eBay imposes selling limits on new accounts to maintain a safe and secure marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. These limits dictate the maximum volume or value of items new sellers can list and sell on eBay within a specific timeframe.

This article explores everything you need to know about eBay’s new account selling limits, including how they work, how to increase them, and strategies for managing them effectively to grow your eBay business.

Everything to Know about eBay’s New Account Selling Limits

New sellers on eBay encounter selling limits to ensure a safe and secure selling environment for all users. Here’s a comprehensive overview of eBay’s new account selling limits, including key considerations and strategies for success:

  1. How Selling Limits Work: When you create a new seller account on eBay, you will likely encounter initial selling limits imposed by the platform. These limits are based on your seller performance, feedback ratings, and account standing. Selling limits may restrict the maximum number of items you can list or the total value you can sell within a specific period, typically measured in a monthly cycle.
  2. Factors Influencing Selling Limits: Several factors influence eBay’s determination of new account selling limits. These may include your account’s age, feedback ratings, transaction history, payment processing, and overall seller performance. eBay uses an algorithmic approach to assess seller reliability and trustworthiness to protect buyers from potential fraud or misconduct.
  3. Increasing Selling Limits: As you establish a positive track record as an eBay seller, you may become eligible to request an increase in your selling limits. eBay periodically reviews seller accounts and may automatically adjust selling limits based on your performance and account activity. Additionally, sellers can proactively request selling limit increases by providing additional verification, such as identity verification or proof of inventory, to demonstrate their credibility and reliability as sellers. They must thoroughly investigate any possible selling fees eBay charges to increase selling limits.
  4. Selling Fees Charged by eBay: eBay does have selling fees for sellers. These fees can vary depending on the item’s category for sale, the listing format, and other factors. eBay typically charges a percentage of the final sale price and additional fees for optional listing upgrades. Any selling fees applicable must be found on eBay’s website.
  5. Strategies for Managing Selling Limits: To effectively manage selling limits on a new eBay account, sellers should focus on optimising their listings, maintaining excellent customer service, and adhering to eBay’s policies and guidelines. By prioritising high-quality listings, prompt shipping, accurate item descriptions, and responsive communication with buyers, sellers can enhance their seller performance metrics and earn positive feedback, which may lead to higher selling limits over time.
  6. Utilising Multiple eBay Accounts: In some cases, sellers may consider utilising multiple accounts to circumvent selling limits or expand their sales capacity. It is important to note that eBay prohibits sellers from creating additional charges to bypass selling limits or engage in fraudulent activities. Violating eBay’s policies regarding multiple accounts can result in account suspension, termination, and potential legal consequences.
  7. Monitoring and Adjusting Selling Strategies: Continuous monitoring and adjustment of selling strategies are essential for effectively navigating eBay’s new account selling limits. Sellers should regularly review their selling performance metrics, assess market trends and demand, and adjust their inventory management and pricing strategies accordingly. By staying proactive and adaptable, sellers can optimise their selling practices to maximise sales within eBay’s selling limits.


Understanding eBay’s new account selling limits is essential for new sellers to navigate the platform and maximise selling potential effectively. By adhering to eBay’s policies, providing excellent customer service, and continuously improving seller performance, sellers can increase their credibility and trustworthiness, leading to higher selling limits over time. By implementing strategic selling strategies and remaining proactive in managing their eBay accounts, sellers can achieve long-term success and growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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