Why You Should Get Fitted Before Buying Golf Shafts Online


Shopping online for golf shafts, like shopping for anything, has some advantages over shopping in person.

For one, when you shop online the worldwide market is literally at your fingertips. The largest inventory in the world is on the web. You can also price check with a few keystrokes – and you don’t have to drive anywhere.

But golf shafts are, like clothing and other bespoke goods, made to fit the user; at least they should be. You wouldn’t necessarily buy clothes online unless you knew your size, don’t buy golf shafts online unless you’ve been fitted by a professional.

Here’s why.

Hit Straighter and Farther
A fitter will take your measurements, interview you, and observe your swing to take note of your swing speed, tempo, form, and mechanics.

He or she will then make customized recommendations of what sorts of shafts you should be looking for based on swing speed and tempo.

Some players need more flexible shafts with greater torque, which are more forgiving. Others play better with stiffer shafts with lower torque. Playing with a shaft that’s poorly matched to your skills is a course in frustration.

But, more importantly, playing with a shaft that’s recommended to you based on the input of a fitter will likely increase your ability to hit the ball farther, and straighter, minimizing shot shape variations and controlling shot dispersion – for greater overall carry distance and accuracy.

Ensure Lie, Loft, and Length Are Properly Matched
By tailoring the lie, loft and length of your shaft and club combos, a fitter can help you take more direct control of accuracy and distance. It will also help improve feedback through the golf shaft.

This applies, by the way, not only to drivers, woods and hybrids, but to irons, wedges, and even putters.

Better Feedback
If you have a very strong, fast swing, playing with a shaft that’s too flexible may also feel whippy and present too much vibration that makes it hard to read feedback.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you play with a shaft that is too stiff and too demanding, it might feel leaden in the hands of a novice.

Playing with a custom-matched golf shaft can help you better read the feedback that comes through the shaft, improving the feel of your swing, through which you can also learn in the process.

Better Understanding of the Mechanics of Golf Shaft/Club Combos
Part of the value of getting fitted for golf shafts and clubs is about what you can learn along the way – what you can learn about your swing speed, tempo, measurements, and more.

Even if you only get fitted once, you can apply that knowledge to future purchases. For instance, perhaps it’s not just that you play better with stiff shafts – you prefer stiff shafts with a slightly higher launch profile with lower spin – which not all stiff shafts produce since many are low-low.

Once you know those sorts of details, you can sort of “fit yourself” for future purchases.

You’ll Save Money
If nothing else convinces you, consider this: one botched purchase will not only adversely affect your game, but it will also waste money. Getting fitted is a hedge against buying shafts (and possibly even clubs) that simply do not work for you.

Where to Get Shafts Online (and They Have an Online Shaft Fitter)
If you’re in Dallas Golf Company’s area, visit their retail shop for their club fitting services. If not, you can always use their online shaft fitting tool.

Otherwise, after you get fitted, you can buy your golf clubs online there. Check out their website via the link above or get in touch with them at 800-955-9550.

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