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IELTS full form is the International English Language Testing System. It is the most popular English proficiency test. The test is for students who want to study in an English-speaking country. This is the first step of studying abroad. Many abroad countries give admission based on the scores of this exam. To crack the IELTS examination, scholars must be well-trained and focused.
Also, to clear the exam you need to upgrade your performance in each domain. This article guides you to know the exam format, scoring schemes etc. Moreover, this article helps you to understand the required steps to find the top study abroad consultants in Delhi. And, if you are living in Delhi, then grow your career and follow your dreams with the help of the experts. Because these navigators provide you with the ultimate support and resources. Hence, they give you step-by-step guidance to score well in IELTS. But before anything else, firstly, let’s understand the importance of scores on the exam.

How IELTS Score Can Help you?

Before knowing the scoring pattern, let’s discuss how IELTS scores can help you in your career:

  • Firstly, a score on this test can help you to get admission to abroad colleges. The IELTS score helps you to reach the criteria set by the country.
  • It also opens the door to job opportunities because some countries offer jobs based on IELTS Examination scores.
  • The score can also provide financial aid to students. Abroad aspirants can get scholarships based on this score.
  • Furthermore, an IELTS score helps in the immigration process. For example, if someone wishes to move to an English-speaking country, these scores can help with it.

As per the above points, now you are aware of how an IELTS score can help you. Furthermore, let us understand how consultants can help you in different areas to get good marks.

Here, take a look at the main key factors of the IELTS Exam pattern.

Know the IELTS Exam Pattern

Top study abroad consultants in Delhi introduce you to the complex pattern of the IELTS. There are two types of IELTS Tests: Academic and General training.

1. Academic: This test is to check the capability of students to cope with the learning environment. It evaluates whether you are ready to study in an English-speaking country. To excel in the exam, candidates need theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The advisors help you to enhance your performance in every area.

2. General Training:  This test is taken by those who want to migrate to another country. Hence, it evaluates the ability of scholars for workspace and social situations. There is no difference between the mark scheme of academic and general training.
There are four sections in the IELTS examination. The sections are listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening and speaking are the same for each type. But writing and reading are different.

Let’s understand each of the sections in brief:


There are 40 questions in this section. You are provided 30 minutes for this. But, you can take 10 minutes extra to transfer the answer from the booklet to the sheet. This section assesses your ability to understand English and native accent. The top study abroad consultants in Delhi help you to find an excellent place to enhance your skills.


There are two tasks in this section. You are provided 20 minutes for the first and 40 minutes for the second task. Here you are asked to present your point of view based on a given argument, paragraph or conversation. The guidance can help you to clear this section with the correct approach.


This test is an interactive section. Also, this test analysis how well you communicate. You will get 11-14 minutes for this section. Firstly, the examiner introduces himself and asks you to do it. Then, you get one minute to prepare on a topic given by the examiner and speak on it. Also, he will ask some questions based on the topic after your speech. Daily practice can help you to upgrade your communication skills.


In this section, you will have 40 minutes. You are provided with a short piece of text taken from books, magazines etc. The topic is based on the daily conversation in the English-speaking country. Also, some texts are slightly complex and long.

As per the above discussion now you understand the exam pattern. To prepare well you need to stay updated with the modifications and latest trends. Also, requires a proper study plan. The top study abroad consultants in Delhi provide personalized sessions and arrange mock tests to enhance your knowledge. In addition, Delhi-based advisors keep students updated with the exam schemes.
Let’s, now understand the marking scheme to prepare accordingly.

Understand the IELTS Marking Scheme

The exam score is between 0 to 9 band. You also can score in decimals. If you get marks in decimals, then it will be rounded up or down. It is the average of the four sections. Band score 9 shows that the test taker has a strong command of the language. Also, a band score of 8 says that the skill set of the candidate is very well. However, the test taker may not be familiar with some situations. Moreover, a band score of 0 implies that you did not attempt the exam.
Each country has its own IELTS score acceptance standards. It may vary according to the selected course and study place. The education consultants in Delhi can help you to align your interest with your dream country criteria. Let’s, understand more about study overseas advisors.

Role of Top Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Expert’s advice and guidance not only help to crack the IELTS exam but also help in many ways. Such as:

  • Firstly, the study abroad advisors evaluate your profile and area of interest. Then, provide you with the programs that match your profile.
  • The study abroad consultants help you to find and apply to the university that offers your area of study.
  • They provide you with step-by-step guidance and support in the admission process.
  • Also, with the instructions of the consultants you can make a record of the important document required.
  • The advisors also recommend you with the tailored study plans.
  • Additionally, study advisors can also help you to get a grant to study abroad.
  • They also keep you updated with the changes in rules and regulations.
  • Again, as per the above discussion, the IELTS examination holds an important place. To score best, you can get help from the coaching institutes. The top study abroad advisors can help you to find the best study coaching.

Now, you can understand the pivotal role of advisors. Furthermore, let’s discuss the steps to find the best study overseas consultants.

How to Find Top Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

Are you looking for education consultants in Delhi? So, here are some techniques to find the best support:

Step 1: Research and make a list of top study overseas advisors.

Step 2: Measure Success ratio: Evaluate the success ratio of study abroad advisors.

Step 3: Check the university association: Must confirm that the advisors do not work under any partnerships with the foreign university.

Step 4: Consider reviews and ratings: Finalize according to the previous history and positive feedback.

Step 5: Schedule a counselling session: Free consultation calls help you to shortlist the consultants. Also, during the call pay attention and keep your goals in mind.
From the above steps, you can easily find out the suitable advisors. The proper training and expertise can help you to clear the IELTS examination and follow the first step towards your career.


In conclusion, you can say that the IELTS exam holds importance. Cracking the exam needed attention and dedication. It is often seen that some students have the ability but not the right guidance. Thousands of students apply from different cities. Only a few of them get a chance to fulfil their dreams. Are searching for the best education consultants in Delhi? Then, you can visit, they have professionals in the field.

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