Know Which University to Enrol in Malta for Study!


The study abroad aspirants are looking for places they can go. This article will tell you the perks of choosing Malta for study. The island is famous for tourism. Also, producers and directors choose it as a shooting location. The courses in film and tourism are also taught in the country. Not only this, programs related to healthcare, sciences, forensics are also best to pursue from this island.

The courses in the country are divided with the Malta Qualification Framework (MQF) 2007. It is a tool that helps to describe and compare national and foreign degrees. It is to promote quality and transparency in all types of education. This is why study in Malta is a benefit.

List of Top 7 Universities to Pursue Overseas Education

It is classified as a peaceful country with suitable environment for international students. There are many more reasons to choose Malta for shaping your career in the right direction. The renowned universities and familiar education system make the island student-friendly. There are two levels of higher education: college and university.These are the reasons students opt Malta for study.

There are many institutes on the island, but these top 7 are the choices of overseas students. 

Global College Malta

It is one of the top private institutes of Malta. It lies in the smart city of Xgħajra. The programs aim to increase employment. GCM was founded in 2012. The degree courses are matching with British standards. In this small nation, it was the first European setup as per British standards. The first courses offered were the Foundation Course in Management with English, the BA in Management, the MBA, and the Master of Science. If you are curious about any of the courses, then you know why study in Malta is a merit. 

College De Paris, Malta Campus (Ascencia, Malta)

Ascenia Malta is a French business and management school located in Floriana. It is the heart of Malta that is connected to the lively cities. The business reality is the foundation of personalised training. The follow-up of every student is taken individually.


MCAST stands for Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology founded in 2001. It is a public vocational education and training institute. It is famous for providing an environment that connects them directly to the real world. The college trains engineers, doctors, designers, business managers and oil & gas workers. This setup has six institutes on two campuses with 180+ daytime and 300 evening courses.

It costs €5400 per year to study here. The languages used are English and Maltese. If you want to pursue any of these courses from the island, then you should get help from the best consultants. It also offers certificate, foundation, association and diploma courses for scholars not willing to pursue full-time programs.

Global Business School

GBSB is a business school in Spain and Malta. It provides business training to scholars enrolling from every corner of the world. Hence, the school prepares the graduate for a global career launch. It supports high standards of education offering UG, PG and MBA programs. The courses got recognition from many international bodies. Hence, GBSB makes Malta for study perfect for business courses. 

IDEA Academy

It is recognised by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education. Idea Academy offers courses from MQF level 4 to MQF level 7. In simple words, it has courses from foundation to master. It also offers short courses. It has programs from healthcare to earth sciences. A minimum attendance of 80% of all the lectures to secure the degree. Your way to 49 countries will get a clearance if you attend a course at the IDEA Academy. 

University of Malta

It is one of the oldest educational setups in Europe. Also, it is the most popular state university in the country. It trains in famous areas like law, journalism, and film studies. Also, you can study languages like English, Maltese, Spanish and others. It has 18 research institutes, 13 research centres and three schools. The pride of the university is the library. It stores more than a million sources. These include books, magazines, and journals in various fields.

Since it is a place that directors and producers prefer, Malta for study is ideal for film courses. Also, it is a public setup that serves as the home for 10000+ scholars. The school additionally has campuses in Valletta and Gozo.

Institute of Tourism Studies

As per the reports, the tourism sector contributes 30% to the economy. So, the Institute of Tourism Studies is Malta’s top college for Tourism and Hospitality. The university focuses on the hotel and restaurant business. Hence, it trains event organizers, chefs, managers and guides. Also, Malta is a popular tourist spot, so students study foreign languages too. ITS offers courses from foundation to master’s degree.

Also, the syllabus was jointly developed with Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai. It is one of the best setups in the field of tourism. The cost of education is €3200 per year for overseas students. They use English for communication. However, if the tourism industry attracts you, then it is the perfect option in Malta for study. The students get training in special labs and kitchens for practical learning.


In this article, you got to know the top colleges in Malta. It is an island wonder attracting a lot of tourists and international students. All the courses from A to Z are there to pursue. Thus, if you want to opt for Malta for study, you can consider a study in Malta consultant for expert advice. One such platform is You can book your free session now to know the right path. They will help you choose the best college that aligns with your academic profile.

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