Items Which Require Bubble Wraps


We use different kinds of items in our day to day life. Some are strong, heavy and bulky whereas some are lightweight, fragile and delicate. Each item requires a lot of care and maintenance, however, fragile items require some special care. And when you are shipping them to a different place, you need to be more careful. It is because, during transit, due to movements, there are chances that these items may get damaged easily. Therefore, to provide them safety and protection, you require some extra layers of packaging materials. Apart from cardboard boxes, there are some more packaging supplies, such as bubble wraps, foam sheets, kraft paper, foam peanuts and so on which you need to pack these items. These extra layers of packaging supplies have a lot of characteristics. They are strong and rigid, durable and eco-friendly, thus, not just protecting the items from damage, but also protect the ecosystem from further depletion as well. This is because they are made up of recycled and reusable raw materials and hence, are highly beneficial.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the items which require bubble wraps. Bubble wraps are generally plastic sheets, with one side containing air bubbles spread uniformly. As plastic is a non-biodegradable material, therefore, these days brown coloured bubble wraps are available which are eco-friendly and biodegradable as well. The air bubbles have a major role to play, as they provide cushioning and padding to the items during transit. The air bubbles are so strong and durable that you can use them any number of times to provide protection to the items. Not just that, bursting these air bubbles contribute to a great stress relief. You can get a large roll of bubble wrap and such packaging supplies from your nearby stores or from different websites, such as Packaging Midlands and alike. Let us now have a look at some of the items which require bubble wraps.

Ceramics and glassware

Glassware and ceramics are fragile and breakable items. Even when they are in the open, we take extra care of them so that no external force can damage them in any way. It won’t be wrong if we say that these items are notorious when they come to fragility. Porcelain dishes, wine glasses, ceramic plates, vases and so on are prone to vulnerability and shattering even with the slightest force. Therefore, while packing these items, you need to wrap them with bubble wrap sheets, as it is a shock absorber and thus, prevents these items from all potential damage.

Electronic devices

Electronic gadgets are an integral part of our life. You cannot ignore them and live without them in this era of technology. Monitors, smartphones, laptops and so on are some of the electronic devices which are highly essential for us, however, they are delicate and fragile at the same time. Not just that these items are highly expensive as well. Hence, we cannot take risks with these items and therefore, need to protect them in all possible ways during transit. Before putting them inside the cardboard boxes, make sure that you are wrapping them properly with pink colour bubble wrap sheets, because pink colour bubble wrap sheets are meant for electronic devices only. They are designed in such a way that they protect these items from getting damaged due to static electricity. Therefore, these bubble wraps are also known as anti-static bubble wraps.

Furniture items

Apart from glassware, ceramics and electronic devices, another item which requires bubble wrap is furniture. Furniture items are also delicate and fragile and require a lot of care and maintenance. Furniture items, especially the ones made up of glass, such as mirrors, glass cabinets and alike are required to be wrapped with bubble wrap before packing them inside the box. Some other items include, furniture with intricate woodworks, glass tabletops, plywood items and so on also require bubble wraps for protection from external forces.

Summing up

These are some of the items which require bubble wraps. Apart from these, perishable items, books, artworks, medical equipment, delicate decor items, jewellery pieces, antiques and collectibles are some of the other items which require bubble wrap. Some items are small in size, hence, they require a small bubble wrap sheet, whereas, some items are large in size and thus require a large bubble wrap sheet.

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